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Is Climate Hysteria Sustainable?

By Gordon J. Fulks

Winter road

It was something that was never supposed to happen in climate science where so many are so happy with the vast largesse they receive from American taxpayers in exchange for supporting a politically charged paradigm. But former scientific colleagues from the University of Washington had a remarkable falling out the other day over whether the climate of the Pacific Northwest has shown ANY evidence of man-made Global Warming. Although completely ignored by the political class and largely ignored by their partners in crime, the lapdog media, this dispute has the potential to unravel the vast climate industry, a parasitic industry that rivals the oil industry in extent but produces nothing useful.

On the one hand, we have Phil Mote, who was hired by Oregon Democrats unhappy with then State Climatologist George Taylor’s annoying habit of thinking for himself. With vast Obama administration help, Mote built an impressive empire at Oregon State University that, to no one’s surprise, sees relentless warming from carbon dioxide.

On the other, we have Nate Mantua who is famous for his work on the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), an ocean cycle known to strongly influence our local climate and salmon runs. When Mote first showed up at OSU, government contract monitors were trying to get his group to stop mentioning the PDO. But even his characteristically compliant employees would not do that. Now the PDO is coming back to haunt him.


Mantua looked at the entire thermometer record for our area and concluded that “We do not see a human hand in the warming of the West Coast.” Mote concentrated on the period after 1960 when temperatures and CO2 rose in tandem. This has been a trademark of Warmers and especially Mote. They only want to study that portion of the available data that might support a link between CO2 and warming.

After Mote and Mantua published their papers, Mote attempted to discredit Mantua’s work, but was himself refuted by the well-known UW meteorologist Cliff Mass. Mass like Mantua is well aware of the natural causes that are the most likely explanation for the thermometer record. As to the future, all are still predicting CO2 warming, but for Mass at least only after he is gone. Mantua seems to have learned something from being so wrong in the alarmist “Consensus Statement” that he and Mote signed ten years ago. It brought perhaps a billion dollars to Northwest universities by predicting relentless warming that never materialized.

To make matters worse for the climate industry, one of Obama’s prominent scientific advisers in his first term, theoretical physicist Steven Koonin from New York University, wrote a high profile Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal (“Climate Science is Not Settled”) that pointed out much of what Skeptics have been saying. I was especially pleased to see him mention the very simple argument that I find compelling. The lack of ANY global warming trend for the past two decades (despite rising CO2) clearly says that man-made CO2 is less important than natural factors and may have no observable climate signature. Even Alarmists have acknowledged this by lowering their estimate of ‘climate sensitivity.’

Meantime, President Obama still calls the many scientists who dare to disagree with him “members of the Flat Earth Society.” And his Secretary of State, John Kerry, pedals the utter nonsense that carbon dioxide accumulates in a thin layer at the top of the atmosphere to cover the earth much as plastic covers real greenhouses. If Kerry were to attend a meeting of the ‘Flat Earth Society,’ he would surely lower the intellectual level.

At a recent rally in New York City, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was even more extreme. “Deniers” should be tried at the International Criminal Court in the Hague and locked away for “war crimes,” Never mind that we have the scientific educations, and they do not. Never mind that we are political moderates, not Nazi sympathizers denying the Holocaust. If we oppose them, we are evil and should be locked up with those who work for the fossil fuel industry!

Is such political nonsense and stupidity sustainable in a world where objective science still has a foothold? How long can extremist Democrats continue to promote climate hysteria when the scientific conversation is headed in a much different direction? They clearly hope that they can keep this going forever with their unholy alliance between heavily conflicted scientists, journalists, and the scientifically illiterate.

But I doubt it. And when the paradigm falls, all who supported it will face a day of reckoning. That is necessary to make sure that politicians and journalists never again drag science down to the level of politics.

Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D. lives in Corbett, Oregon, and can be reached at gordonfulks@hotmail.com. He holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago, Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research and has no conflicts of interest in this matter.

Comments By Chuck Wiese, Meteorologist, Portland, Oregon:

            Excellent article by Dr. Fulks. I have been fighting climate hysteria for more than 15 years as a meteorologist and what Fulk’s describes as happening in climate science is as accurate as it can be. Simply put, academia has been corrupted by the state and federal government by it providing lavish funding to the universities for “climate research” that is inaccurate and tainted to aid the corrupt politicians on the left to advance their dangerous and wantenous crusade to force damaging regulation and carbon taxation on the public which accomplishes none of the stated objectives such as those promulgated by the Oregon Global Warming Commission. Any measures as those recommended by this commission that are enacted into law will have no impact upon the climate whatsoever and that includes any set coal of “carbon reduction” schemes which are supposed to lower atmospheric CO2 back to 350 ppmv. In the modern world, that is impossible to ever achieve without totally destroying the civilized western world as well as destroying the economy and again would have zero impact on climate.

There is absolutely no credible evidence that carbon dioxide is causing “climate change.” All of the claims that it does are based upon failed climate modeling that was constructed in and of itself by those in academia who have been dishonest from the beginning in exaggerating inventing a tool such as this that has serious mathematical constraints that cannot be overcome through the element of time. In addition, all of the founding principles regarding CO2 were supplanted with this failed modeling that demonstrated years ago that CO2 is only a trace gas of secondary importance in the atmosphere. It does not and cannot control the climate system.

th“Climate science” is a politically driven agenda from which the university system has shamefully prostituted itself to lend credibility to the corrupt political establishment on the left that wants to use it to enact legislation on the public which is nothing more than being tantamount to stealing from the public through creating fraudulent taxes and regulations that accomplish nothing except enrich the universities and politicians with more power and money they do not deserve to get.

Sitting at the top of this cabal that would like to steal much more of private money and resources is the master mind of the carbon tax idea, Al Gore, who founded the Chicago Climate Exchange and is waiting for the Obama administration to shove the rest of this taxation agenda down citizens throats after the mid term elections.

I urge all citizens to think about this as they go to the polls November 4th.


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