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In Oregon, Marxism is Apple Pie

By Art Hyland

Oregon has been growing Green/Red education for some time now.  Eugene, where the University of Oregon calls home, is noted for its liberal curriculum, liberal students and faculty.  But Portland State University is truly in a sprint for the liberal lead.  This was the headline in The Blaze a few days ago:

PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY OFFERING ‘REVOLUTIONARY MARXISM’ COURSE — AND WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE SYLLABUS, which is about what has become the sad state of affairs with Oregon’s public educational system.  A course is being offered which not only explains Marxism, it promotes it to the point where students (if that is still an operable term) learn first hand how to become Marxists in real life, complete with suggestions by two socialist professors as to which revolutionary groups to join during the course, and for their career paths.  Of course, the types of students who will take this course are probably well on their way to becoming little marxists already, and this course will simply give them credit for doing what they already do outside of class.  Most are being paid to attend these classes via outright grants or student loans, which they are clamoring to have the government forgive.  It must be fun to be so entirely free of responsibility while living inside a 20 year old body.

One has to wonder how this course is rationalized as college credit material by an accredited, four-year college, since it begs the question that it is full-fledged, organized opposition to the United States itself.  It’s title is a clue: “Revolutionary Marxism: Theory and Practice.“  This isn’t just about teaching an historic review of Marxism;  it’s an outright organized effort to create Marxism right here in Oregon, paid for by the government it plans to depose.

We’ve written about this subject many times in this magazine, among them here, and here, and here.  An article a day could be created and still not cover the vast amount of anti-American vitriol born out of  complete ignorance of what America was created to avoid.  Our universities have been taken over my the radicals who couldn’t make it in the real world of competition, but who thrive in the unreal world of educational vacuity.  One might think they would occasionally wonder about how the USSR  or Nazi Germany seem to have disappeared, or how a host of socialist/communist/marxist countries have failed their peoples miserably.  Would they actually wish to live under a Kim Jong Il?  However, with utopian zeal ever present for those who ignore facts or history, combined with promises of equality for all, the temptation to follow the Green and Red pied pipers is too much for drifting students who believe governments create everything good in this world.

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