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In Defense of going over the Cliff

By Larry Leonard

November 28, 2012 — Not that — based on the recent election — legions of American socialists pay much attention to what we have to say, but here it is, anyway. After much reflection on the subject of the economy our financial experts (two great pool shooters at the local cowboy whiskey saloon and one farmer who hasn’t bought a new pickup since 1949), the solution to the national budgetary problem (debt, spending, tax revenues, entitlement burden, etc.) is simple — which is why the White House and all but a few conservatives in Congress haven’t come to it.

Let the nation go over the financial cliff. Why do it this way? For a lot of reasons explained below, including the last one, which is based in the hunch that this all may be either another step in a slow Progressive incremental approach, or even a diversion intended to hide something really, really terrible they have in mind.

As FOX’s Krauthammer has described it, the president’s position is: “You Republicans give me tax increases, and in return I will give you a framework for future reductions along with a billion dollars in reductions in future (already planned) spending, and we’ll have a deal.”

Peace in our time Deals (The Chamberlain Approach)

Clearly, a reduction in the rate of increase is a typical, eternal liberal sham. In a word: just a smaller increase. To the few left in America who avoided brain damage from their public schooling, it is just a slower rate of increase. “Slower” is meaningless, here. If the original demand was large enough it may represent a drop from 100 megatons of explosive new (additional) spending to 98 megatons of explosive new spending. An increase is not a decrease, folks. Obama bought the presidency with promises that he would hand over shiploads of your money to his voters.

Using the widely mentioned “over a financial cliff” metaphor, the president’s “decrease in the rate of increase” delivers a first-stage over the edge date of say, February 15, 2013. This is based on spending today (November 28, 2012.) His original budget (which nobody in the U.S. Senate has seen for years) will still go over the cliff on February 15, 2013, too — but fifteen minutes later, around 5:00 A.M. EST (In this case, both Eastern Standard Time and “estimated.”) I hired an Oregon liberal to write those last few sentences, so the majority of Oregonians should understand them.

Short of doing the right things or the just mentioned wrong things, the only approach left is kicking the can down the road. This, for two or three months, will save politicians from having to make any decision, at all.

I’m betting on the can-kicking solution.

By offering the House an additional reduction in the increased spending rate in trade for cuts to be determined later, however, a time problem arises because so far, since Obama and his Senate have not passed a budget in living memory., this “determined later” item comes with an infinity sign. Since it’s a Constitutional requirement that Congress do one of those (a budget) from time to time, and because the House part of Congress can’t force the Senate part of Congress to do it, and because there is no way to punish the ones who won’t do it except by removing them from office (which is hard to do, period, and impossible to do in the case of the deadlines involved here — well, unless the Republicans just cave in, we’re in political deadlock. (Still heading for really hard times.)

(If they do that — cave in — then most of these Republicans will lose their butts, known in Congress at their “seats” If they don’t do it, the official government media, the MSM, will blame them for what subsequently happens.. One of those “wrong if you do and wrong if you don’t” kind of things.)

Our vote is don’t. Refuse to go along with the Dems without specific, right-now, spending cuts on signed Senate legislation. The Pubbies will still be dumped by their own constituents for raising taxes (breaking a pledge), but at least we’ll have one of two interesting results. If the Dems sign off on real cuts, they may also be in a ton of trouble with their constituents, as well, in 2014. Real economic problems sometimes override the propaganda. Or, if the Dems don’t do that, then the “sequestration” act passed during the last titanic budget battle will automatically happen this coming January and we’ll have some fun for a change around here.

More is Less

The “sequester” is a job killer. It doesn’t cut enough of the right stuff Think of it as a bear rifle. There is an Alaskan brown bear heading in your direction. Your gun is a beautiful Winchester lever action 30 caliber. Since the bear is twelve feet tall and doing twenty mph, what you need to stop him is a 50 caliber. So, using the Obama method, what you are going to get is a really pissed and only mildly injured bear when he arrives.

ObamaCare, when added to all the new anti-business regulations and other overspending is the problem. There’s no economic expansion. The Obama Recovery, which actually isn’t one, continues. To say what I’ve said in another way, these automatic budget cuts will be of minor magnitude compared to the actual national economic problem at hand. They will click into place, solving nothing. Because they are of insufficient magnitude, they will not fix the problem. Because they will not fix the problem, America will continue heading in the direction of Greece. (Bond rating reductions, etc.) The President will deny he had anything to do with the sequestration thing, when he actually wrote it. The liberals will flood their press organs with operatic themes by sonorous 17th Century composers, and the juvenile occupy crowd will don Dark Ages monastic garb and flagellate themselves down the main street of Oakland, California as black panther opps squads de-glass every Asian store front for miles.

Will they be angry about the debt to foreign nations maintaining the wrong expenditures will require? Of course not. They don’t like anything which faintly smells of a threat to their handouts.

On the national and international fronts, the dollar will be devalued, federal financial certificates will be downgraded, Canada will turn the Keystone Pipeline to a Pacific Coast port and send energy to China, Iran’s new missile frigate will close the straits of Hormuz and the U.S. Navy with the loss of half its fleet due to the military cutbacks, and will be limited to defending the approach to the Hamptons — thus allowing the revitalization of N. Africa’s once-thriving pirate trade.

It’ll be similar to a video game, only with real bullets. It might be enough to awaken America, the sleeping liberal dragon, from her decades of Progressive slumber. I, for one, think it’s worth a try.

Of course, if the satanic Progressives get their ultimate wish and on top of everything else initiate their fondest dream, the “wealth tax,” then it’s Katie bar the door. Here, make a gigantic mess, then blame it on the political opposition. Voters educated in public schools buy your Bernie Madoff explanation, which allows you to retake the House from the Tea Party types in the next election. Now, you are free to make legislation without even letting the public read it, just like when Obama first walked into the Rose Garden. Then all the above sequestration stuff is just a minor comic sideline. Now, you can attack more than just income. You can seriously attack private property.

I have said for decades that the property tax used to fund government-run education, was the most dangerous weapon the Left has. While the current financial manipulation is, indeed, a terrible mess, and we’ll be lucky if we survive it the wealth tax is ten times worse. Remember the term: wealth tax. That’s the Godzilla of taxes. They add up the value of everything you own, investments, property, furniture, cars and all — then take a slice from it every year.

Do you understand? It’s not about income. It’s about property. Stuff you own. The car you drive, the hot tub on the deck, the paintings on your wall, everything. It is about a full on attack on private property. It’s not about your income. It’s about an eternal annual tax on what you’re worth. What you own. Maybe the Obamas will give their super-rich liberal in-crowd pals an exemption from it. That’s how Hitler handled that problem when his fascists took over all private property in Germany.

It’s the real deal, folks. They’re presenting the case for it in national television interviews, today. The day it happens, everything anybody “owns” will be leased from the government. It’s adieu to private property, and so, to America.


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