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If Our Debt Bothers You Now, Listen/Watch This

The Tea Party movement was spawned by irrational, unimpeded federal government spending on a scale never before done in peace time.  The shock of the bipartisan TARP program in the Fall of ’08 caught conservatives by surprise, but only a few months later, Obama was barely in office, and Pelosi and Reid were in charge of the rest of the federal government; they combined to writing blank checks in a spending spree still continuing today.  With filibuster-proof control, they quickly put together a series of big spending programs including Stimulus bills as well as automatic increases in a bloated budget to begin with, along with bills to forgive billions of mortgage debt, and to subsidize the purchases of targeted giveaways (Cash for Clunkers) in their ever-excessive quest to help reduce the phony carbon emission problem.  All of this came fast, and caused what became known as the Tea Party movement.  Watch the following, for it will substantiate the emotion that warranted the TP movement, and may presage the next iteration.

Obama’s Debt Bomb

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