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History Channel’s Rape of the “History of Us”

By Larry Leonard

November 20, 2012 — I’ve been waiting for it for weeks now. PBS introduced me to the syndrome decades back, so I was not disappointed when I saw it, tonight.  It is a piece of crap, and is actually worse than I had expected because besides being a warped and twisted picture of the events and era depicted from an historical standpoint it was shoddy from the standpoint of the physical production. During my time as a Creative Director in the advertising agency business,  I wrote and produced the tiny movies called TV commercials, and taught others on my various staffs in the PacNW how to properly make them, as well.   I would say that this particular segment of the series reminds me of work by the famous documentary jerk-off, Ken Burns — except that Burns’  product is a harlot draped in better clothes.  A pack of lies by Ken Burns would have had the editing flow and narrative of visual and audio competence.  This does not.

The series is called, “The History of Us.”  As mentioned above, it was done by the History Channel.  The segment I’ve been waiting to see has to do with The Crusades:  the Medi-evil Christan Crusades in the Holy Land, in particular the place called Jerusalem.  It was not, as implied in the film, a unitized event.  A single conflict.  It took place over a number of years adjacent to 1100 AD.

“AD” is an acronym for anno domini, which is Latin for “year of our lord.”  The  just used  term in the previous sentence is “italicized,” which is itself a reference descended from the ancient tongue of the Romans.  “Modern scholars” dislike that linguistic descriptive, though tolerate it because only modern scholars are conscious of the familial link. As I said, other such terms from the ancient tongue are less tolerated.  It is common these days to see dating designations in texts and video presentations concerning archeological subjects or dissertations on subjects like dinosaurs or human activity designated as “C.E.” or “B.C.E.”  These stand for “current era” and “Before Current Era.”

The point is to delete the Christian God, who is now in academia lumped in with Zeus, Odin and other essentially Caucasian major deities.  Vladimir Lenin didn’t like Him. Easter Island Moas are fine, as are Indian goddesses made of snakes and American Indian Great Spirit deities.  Being white is the problem.  White (if it isn’t socialist), as you may have noticed watching recent television clips of statements by (particularly black) liberals, is out of fashion, these days, particularly if the paleface under discussion is male, and non-liberal.  You can even see it in television commercials.  Just as the giant villain in Hollywood films must be a large Caucasian American capitalist baron, the one who buys the stupid product is now always a white male.

One particular God is Dead

Well, the Christian God, anyway.  I recall the saying from the Sixties.  So, while discussing the transitory form of the flora (plant) or fauna (animal), the liberal/progressive (socialist/communist/fascist) re-education process must go on in the American classroom if we are to produce a voter population which rejects the fundamental qualities of the people who created the first government of our type in history.  After decades of lies, students naturally fall in line with the other drones of Lenin and Marx in the voting booths.  (They’re right about that, as the recent national election proved.)

So, this sort of thing (not just the poor production qualities) was exactly what I was expecting from the History Channel, and it was there, in spades.  The noble, simple followers of Allah were busy inventing science and language from Mecca to Spain.  One of them, it seems, flew a home-made device eons before the evil white man did it.  He wasn’t killed in the process, either.  He just had a bad back for the rest of his life,  Allah akbar.  (God, the Islamic one, is great.)

Tonight’s edition of the series said that my ancestors, the Vikings, invaded my ancestors, the citizens of Dublin, Ireland, then took over Normandy ( an area of Gaul, or France) and became British knights who received from the Roman Catholic pope of the time a special assignment with a special paycheck.  If they would go and kick the Moslems out of Jerusalem, they would receive instant remission for all the sins of their life, and would be guaranteed a trip to Heaven.  (An interesting similarity there to the Muslim death of the 911 terrorists, who received 72 virgins of their own when they automatically arrived in Heaven after butchering thousands of white men, women and children, among other races, when they flew into the World Trade Towers.

But, getting to the heart of the matter

See, the problem with people who complain that Julius Caesar rewrote history for his own political benefit, then crossed the Rubicon to commit civil War, is when they, themselves, do the same thing and don’t even notice it.    There are people who write histories and are considered naive because they even include stuff that is hard on their own favorite folks. Liberals never do that.  They lose their lunchroom pass at their prestigious university if they do that.  This program never risks that.  They leave that stuff out of their books and documentaries.

For example, as already mentioned, the Crusades happened during the middle ages.   Around 1100 A.D. the Christian knights rode to war against Islam.  That was in this “history.”  What wasn’t in there was what happened years before that.  Only the Jews were around when the pyramids were carved.  Christ and The Prophet appeared much later, with Christ in first place.  Next came Islam which spread among the Semites we call “Arabs,” the desert tribal people of the region — then, this happened:  Those people set out with their swords along the north and south shores of the Mediterranean (“middle Earth”) Sea and proceeded to bring all the people they met thereafter (Jews, Christians and some ancient faiths) to the religion of Muhammad.  By the sword.  Conversion by the sword.  Convert or die.

So, we have a fight in the parking lot.  The Cops like one of the guys.  When they write their report, no mention is made of the fact that their pal in that fight, started that fight.  Walked right up to a man who was minding his own business, sucker-punched him to the ground then started kicking him in the face and ribs.

In this “documentary” about the Crusades The Mosque at Cordoba was listed as a city of enlightenment   A city of minds of science, literature, etc.  The program didn’t mention that this very beautiful and world-famous mosque was built on the ruins they created out of a much older Hebrew temple which predated it by centuries.  (Just as the present day Mosque of the Golden
Dome in Jerusalem is built on rubble they generated out of Hebrew temples connected to some ancient Jews even the general public has heard of.)  Do the kingly names David, Herod or Solomon ring a bell? One wall of that original location remains.  A few stones.  You see Jews praying there.  Hebrew and Christian writings say the Ark of the Covenant was there.

In both cases,Cordoba and Jerusalem, the invading hordes of Islam destroyed and rebuilt over them.  One assumes if Israel or the Vatican destroyed Saudi Arabia’s Mecca, the followers of Muhammad would rise to a man in resentment, yet to the scholars you pay to write your history books and produce your history documentaries,  the damage done by this youngest of the three middle eastern religions isn’t worth a mention in their documentary on the Crusades?

The creators of this documentary will win awards.  This is because, as Oregon Magazine editor, Art Hyland, says, liberals control all the awards.  Their committees give their top awards to other liberals.  The way I put it is that the arts in America are a corrupt vehicle which serves socialist political needs.  A Christian cross in a jar of piss is celebrated in New York City.  Don’t hold your breath until you see the same award going to an Islamic version of that.

For many years I wondered why so many Americans didn’t see what was going on.  One day I finally realized that most of them had been taught in American public schools for at least part of their youth.  The schools are edited in the same way this idiotic piece of video propaganda is — and in fact just like this “documentary,” so was:

Ken’s “Congress”

A black man from Texas sent me a note about Ken’s Congress.  He asked, “Why didn’t anybody ever tell me this?”  My response was, “Because they didn’t want you to know it.”   (LL)

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