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Hiding from Taxes for Which you Voted

WIRE: Clintons hide wealth to avoid taxes...

June 17, 2014 — She and Bill were wealthy, and she said they left the White House “dead broke.”  At the time, they owned several homes in various locations across the country.  
They were millionaires.  She was a Congressional senator, and voted to tax the rich.   Now, she and Bill are hiding from those taxes.

She will make a fine followup to Obama if she wins the presidency.  He said he would have the most open, most transparent, administration in history.Hillary testifying  From stem to stern, he has fostered a string of coverups that lacks a match in national history.  The latest disappearance of Ms. Lerners’ IRS tea party scandal emails is just one recent example.

If there is a common theme to modern era Democratic Congresses and administrations, it is hypocrisy.

Like the socialist greenies they support, Dems in office decry global weather from town to town, flying in and out in airplanes that fill the skies with jet smoke.  Al Gore is famous for it.   Hiding from taxes they voted in?  A study of Al Sharpton’s financial history is replete with that sort of thing.   Cries for more democracy while rejecting democratically elected state governments — one example was Wisconsin.  They were kicking in the state capitol windows on that one.  Most of the rioters were bussed in union people from other states.  Do as I say, not as I do.  That’s the motto for them.

When interviewed in on the street scenes, the people who vote for them seem to be totally unaware of all this.  They rarely recognize the photo of the people they elect.  Hillary they spot, and Bill, but most didn’t recognize Mitt Romney when he was running for the White House.  And issues?  Do your own on the street interviews.  Walk up to strangers and ask them there Benghazi is and what happened there.   Show them photos of the four men who were murdered there, and they won’t be able to tell you who they were, let alone their names.  And, one of them was an ambassador.

A lot of this is the result of non-coverage of issues related to actions of the people they elected to office.  The New York Times and the networks have empty files where every Obama disaster should be kept.  In a straight count, he equals the scandals of seven Richard Nixons by now.

It’s the largest coverup in the history of such things.  Key Dems have been part of it.   Government agencies have been involved.  The big media are rolling in piles of it.  For someone who knew this country at a time when journalists weren’t all bailout excuses for liberal politicians, it has been amazing to watch.

If the younger crowd doesn’t wake up, they are cursing their own future.  That’s modern education for you. They don’t know what’s bad for them.


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