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God Bless John Wayne

Aussie Prime Minister seeks alliance to ‘dismantle’ Obama’s climate policy…
JUNE: Icebergs Afloat On Lake Superior…

June 9, 2014 — Well, good for down under. I was convinced for a while that this sort of thing would never occur, there. They have a habit of being contrary at times. It’s the British influence, I suppose. The English House of Commons is partly manned and womanned by admitted socialists. There’s a tradition of that sort of thing which may have been suppressed a bit during the Second World War. Those who have studied the various left-wing “isms” learned long ago that (as I have written before) Fascism is located at the far end of the string of isms that begins with “Progressive.”

All are different only in the degree of suppression they utilize. All believe they know what it is best to do with your money and your life — and that is give them to them so they can build their imaginary paradise of the proletariat.

You’ve had recent training in the economic segment of that philosophy. Obama’s launch of green corporations with billions of taxpayer dollars. This began as soon as he took office and continued the Bush policy of bailing out the giant banks. It was a wonderful time to be a banker. Giant annual bonuses for not lending money to anybody the administration didn’t like much. And the corporations? G.M. got bailed out. Ford wouldn’t take the money. Which one is thriving, today?

Socialism is what I call the “invisible crown.” Monarchy in drab suits, giant bureaucracies, wage and price controls — straight out of Marx and Lenin, and you saw how well it worked. The slowest recovery in the memories of living men, and a hovering on the ragged edge of return to recession. A disaster of a dinosaur approach. It drove the old Soviet Union into the cellar and broke that nation back into its original pieces. They are trying to reassemble it these days, but not getting many volunteers for the glory days of Stalin and Kruschev.

Government run anything is with one exception, a mistake. The military is a discipline which is a kind of controlled socialism, but then unlike the old days of military adventures, it isn’t there to make a profit. Rome wasn’t about political philosophy. It was about pillage. It fought for booty. Rome was built on stolen money. That was the basic economy, back then.

China today has discovered that wage controls are the most efficient form of booty, and the dons of their leadership gang are doing just fine, thank you. Millionaires who set up their system, are now getting billed for their successes, and are leaving that nation in droves. They lose another genius in China every day. There aren’t that many of them, so the grey days may be waiting for their turn, there, right now.

The recent Russian/Chinese announcement about replacing the American dollar in large transactions with the Hong Kong dollar is more deception. Getting into the process is the best way to corrupt the process and get booty. Once more, China resembles classic Rome. Taking money is more profitable than making money, to them.

Take the Weather, for example

Charge people for a car, and you have to build a car. But charge people for the weather, and your production line is the sky. It builds itself.

It’s a sickness. Charging people for what volcanoes do for free, in the name of protecting the future of humanity, is a sickness. America is the cleanest industrial nation on the planet. Any taxation on our productive sector is for pollution China, among others, does and will continue to do. They don’t give a crap about their own people, who in some cites live in face masks from the smog.

I suspect the motives of people with advanced degrees who tout this sort of thing. I suspect their intelligence or their honesty. It’s one or the other, since both types are guilty. Floating bergs in the Great Lakes in June and it’s caused by global warming? I wonder if the planet has always had this type around. These greenies. With doctorates !!!


Has it always been mostly hustle out there? How the hell did the founding fathers all appear in one place and time to do something for the people? That many people willing to create a land of Constitutional rights — of law and freedom?
Long may old Glory wave in the land. God Bless John Wayne.


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