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Global Warming, Global Schooling and Governor CO2

By Art Hyland

[Although this is about Washington State, it’s next to Oregon and frankly the two states are like peas in a pod, they think so much alike they might as well combine in order to look even more like California.]

The governor of the State of Washington lives on a hill in a beautiful home provided by the state overlooking South Puget Sound.  Today’s governor – – let’s call him Governor CO2 – – is on a personal and political mission to make us do something about global warming.  He’s going to tax carbon (but somehow not us) in an effort to reduce global warming and to pay more for state employees to educate children and to count the taxes he raises.  CroMagnon manI don’t doubt his sincerity, but one can doubt his knowledge of geology and proportion (and perhaps his intelligence, but I didn’t say that).

Let’s step back roughly 15,000 years: that same hill upon which this governor sleeps hadn’t been formed quite yet because it was beneath a mile of ice.  But that hill DID form when the globe mysteriously warmed causing the last shrinking glacier to carve that little hill along with, by the way, the entire Puget Sound area.  Is it too much for the governor to wonder how our planet underwent such drastic temperature changes without the hand of man?  Oh, and by the way, CO2 levels were much higher then than they are today during several of these rather extreme cooling and warming cycles (yes it has happened more than once).  But what’s really strange:  CO2 didn’t cause the warming back then because its presence is shown to have occurred AFTER the warming period happened.  But let’s not get ahead of this story because we want the governor to catch up first.

If there were any Cro-Magnons running around back when, it’s pretty certain they were smart enough to not think about fixing the weather outside.  They took care of themselves and their families; they paid attention to things like that back then. I wouldn’t ever compare our governor to the Cro-Ms because . . . well, it wouldn’t be fair would it.

Ok, let’s jump forward into today’s progressive political world and understand just what really is happening.  The Cap and Trade program Governor CO2 wants is not a program to actually do anything to change the world’s climate.  “Little state of Washington fixes world climate” is not really going to be a future headline and even Governor CO2 knows this (I think.)  icebergInstead, however, his plan is to tax bad guys and reward better guys.  And he knows where the better ones are.  He’ll for sure give some to the children – – he’s all for the children all of the time.  In fact he might just give it ALL to the children (and their teachers and administrators) for there aren’t better guys than that group in the state.  Nor better voters.  And his friends at the Washington State Supreme Court agree because they decided they know more about global schooling than the legislature who used to know but have been told they failed to remember what they knew.

WA Cap and Trade needs to be called what it really is:  simply another government revenue source, a tax, and one we all pay.

For more government.

Which is Governor CO2’s default position.

“You can keep your car.  You can keep your boat.  Period,” our governor might soon declare.  Wait for it.

I’m aware the tone here is acerbic.  But that’s only because our governor is willing to force the population of our state to contribute their hard earned money for something fraught with great scientific uncertainty, but ever so believed by the political elite.

As Upton Sinclair wrote long ago, “It’s hard to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”  Substitute “position” for the word “salary.”

Hint to Governor CO2:  Cro-Magnon knew enough to let nature, human instinct and ingenuity govern his actions, so why not learn from someone who made decisions based upon actual experience and personal risk rather than “experts” who do neither.  And if not him then just come off your hill and mix with us ordinary people who might just know or sense something you don’t.

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