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Gingrich: ‘New fascism’ . . .

By Larry Leonard

April 7, 2014 — He’s talking here about global warming, according to this piece intended to trash him.  It’s a juvenile piece, like so much of what passes for modern journalism.  If you go to it, its one of those that is set up sticky.  Hard for some computers to get back home.  Juvenile stuff.

Here’s the twist.  The key to the piece, the hidden lie, is the author’s statement that Beck intends to punish anybody who takes action or expresses opinion that supports the “global warming/climate change” view, then the piece says that 70% of world scientists are on the global warming side.

The fact is, it is almost impossible to find a scientist who isn’t on the warming side because neither New York City nor Portland, Oregon is presently under two miles of glacier ice.N American Ice Age copy

You are living in an “interstice.”  That means, “a time in the cycles of Earth’s climate which lies between two ice ages.”

The debate scientists have is what is causing it — natural changes or the effects of the activities of Man.

The world is warmer than it was 60,000 years ago.  All evidence proves it.  The brainless hippies who presently staff our universities and most government agencies promote that this latest interstice is Man-caused because the approach gives them power over the incomes of the general populace and generates invitations to parties thrown by rock stars.  There, they can talk to powerful liberal politicians and offer their services in helping the climate change (caused by Man) myth grow, or at least sustain itself. There’s good money in it.

Know that you live in a climate interstice, which is a warm period, mostly, with occasional cool weather like last year in the U.S, sticking its head up.  Do a search on the internet on “ice ages.”  That will tell you that there have been at least eleven of them, and will tell you how long they usually last and how far from the equator their growth usually stops.

Know that Man’s activities have never affected one of them for warmer or cooler.  Man barely existed as a species on Earth the last time the glaciers were two miles high in New York City.  Smoke stacks hadn’t been invented when they begin to melt.

Thank God that you were born in a time of warming, because that is a time of agriculture by Man.  Those of your ancestors who will live in a time of cooling when the next ice age comes along will laugh at your foolishness as they freeze to death in their frozen hell.






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