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Fine Foodstuffs Await Oregon Provisioners

Ice Cream & WKRP in Cincinnati

By Fred Delkin 

We’ve just sampled a duo of tasty new items that have just been introduced to Oregon retail shelves…and we can confidently applaud both.  So-called ‘gourmet’ ice creams have graced our supermarkets and specialty outlets for decades, and who makes a better offering than good ol’ Tillamook?  Graeters, that’s who…a Cincinnati, OH producer that’s been a family operation since 1870 and has found its way to your local Fred Meyer.  This product will remind graybeards who can hark back to the hand-cranked, ice & rock salt, sugar and fresh fruit concoction that your grandparent may have dared to produce at home (well, mine did).  The Greater family calls their process the ‘French Pot’ method, which turns out a mere two gallons at a time from a chilled container anointed with thick, fresh cream and various flavor sources and whirled into frozen solidity.  This small batch method eliminates the aeration common to the competition and achieves a denseness exemplified by the fact that a pint of Graeter’s weighs a pound, in comparison to the usual 8 oz. weight of others.

There’s a tantalizing choice of flavors and those available in the ‘Signature Chip’ line all benefit from the addition of rich shards of chocolate to Peanut Butter, Mocha, Mint Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Black Raspberry and Coconut and Almond bases.  We sampled the “Buckeye Blitz” as its known in Ohio, but identified by us outsiders as a crunchy, Peanut Butter & Chocolate blend that will destroy any concept of ‘lite’ and the Black Raspberry.

We visited Cincinnati when we attended college in Ohio and knew it as the home of ‘Cincy Chili’ (a robust & beanless version) and the Reds baseball team.  TV viewers identify the show WKRP Cincinnati.  Sample some Graeter’s and you will have another memorable link to Ohio’s second city.

Louis Graeter and wife Regina, just off the boat from Bavaria, established the family’s stateside tradition, now operated by the fourth generation, with great grandson Richard as CEO and his son Chip as VP.  Visit these entrepreneurs at www.graeters.com and know that they did things right in the old country before joining us in the New World.

Chips From a Local Source

The ‘Chips’ section of our grocery emporiums is rife with a multitude of brands and flavors.  There’s an addition just introduced by Mission, produced at a McMinnville plant and carrying that now ‘must’ description of Organic, as certified by the USDA. These crispies are bagged in Blue Corn, White Corn and Multigrain flavors.  We rate them as equal or superior to    any of their other-brand competition…good and good-for-you, with a bowl of the Salsa of choice.

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