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Eight Thousand when he took office and Thirteen Thousand, today

Wall St hits four-year high…

Is the DOW an economic indicator?

September 8, 2012 —  The answer is no when the question is the present national economy.  For example, in October of 1929, Wall St. crashed and the Roaring Twenties came to a close with bankers in top hats bailing themselves out 10th floor windows in that section of New York City.  Yet, one year later, to the day, General Electric common stock was back up to the pre-crash price per share.  If memory serves, it was around twenty bucks. The shanty towns were still there.  The bread lines were still there.  The stores with Out-of-business signs were still there.  But the price of that company’s stock was back to normal. And, the people?  Nothing.  It was Roosevelt’s New Deal that did it.  During most of his five terms as president, the policies generated by the liberal’s Saint Peter blocked recovery.  Obama has taken the same path.

Here’s how it worked.  At Last:  How FDR Did it…

The DOW is exactly like a giant faceted glass lens maybe ten feet across.  You see them in some astronomical telescopes.  Lighthouse lenses once used them, too, though I don’t know if they still perform that job.  If  memory serves (and don’t quote me on this), they’re called “fresnel” lenses or mirrors.  Something like that.

The Decline is based on fundamentals

Back in the Sixties, when I could leap tall buildings in a single bound, while establishing my professional reputation as an advertising creative genius  and gifted freelance journalist, I was surrounded by millions of what were called hippies.  They had their own dress code and vehicle selections (VW busses), marched in the streets for all manner of stupid, anti-capitalist causes and turned the fields of various farmers into muddy septic tanks while attending what were known as “Woodstock” festivals, where they drugged themselves into insensibility.

These were the children of what NBC’s Tom Brokaw called “the greatest generation.”  (The folks who whipped Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo, saving the world from national socialism and Japanese imperialism.)  So, the children of the people who saved the free world, all turned to Socialism and Communism (both merely degrees of, and functionally identical to, Fascism).  The American public education system, particularly the colleges and universities, along with the traditionally liberal-progressive entertainment media, caused that massive decline in intelligence.  That is why I despise those sectors to this day.

But, returning to the central theme here, that mass, masturbatory socialist cultural and political shift resulted in a generation that became the idiot adults that make up the Democrat Party, today.   Most young people believe in fairy tales, of course.  And, in fact there are a great many fairy tales that are true. (The old ones.)  Children used to be taught facts in schools, and eventually would come to the place where they saw the connection between the old fairy tales and the real world.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions, is a typical example of a maxim which perfectly describes liberal government.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch, is another maxim that once held sway in the public mind.  The frog that turned into a prince is a perfect mythological demonstration of the principle which caused and causes so many millions of people to leave restrictive places and come to America where you are free to pursue your dreams, and make of yourself what the luck we all face will allow.

So, the picture is clear.  You have places where the government controls your future.  And, you have a place where a frog can become a prince.  It generated the fastest race to the world economic and military top in the history of the planet.  It’s why the world today is only partly dominated by Soviet dictators, North Korean Dear Leaders, Religious fanatics and your occasional African tribal monsters like Idi Amin. You know the type.  Chinese political monarchs and so forth.

What’s True

I think it was Nancy Pelosi who said she admired Mao tse Tung.  From top to bottom, from coast to coast, that perfectly describes American socialism (liberalism, communism, fascism, etc.).  The product of decades of their “education,” “entertainment,” “journalism,” “award-winning books, plays and films,” and television programming is a nation full of idiots who haven’t the faintest idea how anything around them works.  The world owes them a living, and justice requires that the government take that money from the producers and give it to them.

The DOW (Wall Street) is a mystery to them.  Their socialist myth does not tell them about the economic butterfly effect so they don’t know that the curves and dips, there, are only partially rational.  A drought in the mid-west reduces the corn harvest, and the investors, including the commodity traders in Chicago, recognize that because of supply and demand, corn prices will go up.  That is it.  The only rational effect recognized by investors.

If rationality was the dominant characteristic of investing, nobody would lose a dime in the market.

The butterfly effect and government guns in your face

European socialism, which includes the mass overspending on government union workers that is presently bankrupting so many American municipalities, is about to bring entire nations down to their economic knees.  The DOW goes down.  Then, the market suddenly discovers a rumor that a Euro-bank is going to bail several of those nations out for a few months, and from that one whiff of gas, a world-sized investor blimp inflates.  The stock market soars because the can was kicked down the road.  When, a while later, the giant Euro-bank is hesitating to announce another bailout, the stock market begins to sag.

Productivity and rational national government expenditures had nothing to do with the events.  The only drought here was the corn being fed to economically stupid national voter audiences by socialist political sectors and their crony capitalist pals.  Yes, there are evil capitalists.  Every one is, like German industry under the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler, in bed with the government.

The difference between an honest capitalist and a fraudulent capitalist is that the latter washes part of their income back to the Dear Leader.  The only exception to this rule beyond the obvious example of a corporation whose income results from producing (for example) the F-17 fighter jet for the military, is as follows:  Financiers in the home sale and construction industry, for example. Those problems, according to Oregon Magazine’s current editor, Art Hyland, began during the Clinton presidency.  Thus, the recession blamed on Bush actually was stimulated by the celebrated economic genius who, instead of Newt Gingrich, is credited with the last balanced national budget.  Art’s smart, and I have recently heard the same description from other sources.

And, I plug in another negative influence, here. The Dems took over Congress halfway through Bush II’s second term.  Barney Fwank and Chris Dodd, Democrats, introduced  “fair housing” legislation. Financial institutions, as a result, had to generate derivatives or be driven out of business.  To survive, they had no choice.  They were forced to make stupid home loans, or go under.  They were forced to get in bed with the socialists, or die.  When the people who shouldn’t have qualified for those loans in the first place began to default, the members of Congress who forced them to do it blamed them for the sudden problem!!!  America’s idiots in the press and elsewhere  joined the Democrats in the outcry.

That is government meddling in the private economy in the name of Social Justice, and is called (socialism, communism, fascism).

Is there any hope?

If the Democrats keep the Senate and the White House, not much.  Aligned against sanity are the Rock Star fans of Obama, and the old line RINOs of the Republican Party.  Aligned with sanity are the Tea Party types.  During the Democrat convention, the national debt went over Sixteen Trillion Dollars.  Your grandchildren are, or will be, born deep in debt.  How much?  I’ll guess fifty grand each in their cribs.

Urban areas produce dependency.  Our cities are sump holes of economic disaster.  Our universities, even our public schools, turn out descendants of those stupid hippies I used to watch at their Woodstocks.  There isn’t much of a Tea Party movement in my state, Oregon, so I have little hope for this place.  But, the amazing rise of the Tea Party movement in the nation’s heartlands may save this nation.

They can add two and two.  Their collectives are made of neighbors and relatives — people who have read the U.S. Constitution.  What they did in the 2010 mid-term election and the Wisconsin Recall was absolutely amazing.  For these, and some other reasons having to do with speculation related to my professional experience,  I smell change in the political air.  That it why, last year, I predicted another massive disaster in the wings for the American Socialist (communist, fascist) movement, this year.

If I’m guessing wrong, America is, like Ancient Rome, going to succumb to the barbarians.  It will die the death of a thousand (liberal, socialist, communist, fascist) cuts. Your grandchildren or their children will be serfs, and your nation will go into a long, steady decline.  If I’m correct about the coming win for rationality, you will see a recovery so strong that it will remind you of the fireworks we used to see on the Fourth of July.

What happens to the DOW, then, will not be government manipulation or stock market rumors.  It will be a freedom-based celebration of pure joy.


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