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Economy: Actual Numbers Portray Slide Towards Recession

By Larry Leonard
Two more negative quarters and we’re there.  Again. White House has been saying we’ve been growing.  This is why you should duck if this White House says the sky isn’t falling.  — LL
UNLV student on Hillary's $225K speaking fee: 'That's obscene!'

What difference does it make if I had a $2 million advance when we were dead broke?

What difference does it make if I had a $2 million advance when we were dead broke?

June 25, 2014 — There are similarities between this White House and one a while back.  Neither strikes you as being working territory.  The first Democrat I saw living that style was John Kennedy.  As with Clinton and Obama, show business people were in with JFK and Jackie, too.  Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower were less graceful in the suave department, so it wasn’t a party thing back in those days.  Reagan was full of Grace, LBJ ruled with a muddy claw hammer.  Carter was clumsy.

I liked Harry the haberdasher from, I think it was, St. Louis.  I suspect he would be shocked at what passes for government, these days.

Take Hillary for example

A former federal senator and secretary of state, what, in your opinion, were the highlights of her career in the U.S. Senate?  Anything?  Nothing comes to mind?  Okay, as Secretary of State, name one example of anything she oversaw (except Benghazi).  Something that stands out and left you thinking at the time it was reported that she was a breath of fresh air in U.S. foreign relations.  Waiting.  Anything?

Perhaps this will help.  A Democrat believes wages and benefits should be doubled and the people who own the company should be strip searched and whipped to death. The money the Dems redistribute will magically reappear.  The Government should own all companies.  All property, too.  The government executives should hold all mansions in trust for the proletariat. (You.) A Democrat like Hillary thinks she is broke when she and Bill own two large residences and she charges the University (any university) nearly a quarter of a million dollars to come in and give a talk.  It would be better if Bill and Hillary had all the money in America.

So, considering the string of victories with which she is associated, which do you think make for a star in her government record?  For me, it would be none.  This is because the presidency is an executive job and the one time she was one she stood there and watched as four men were slaughtered. For that inaction, there was and remains no excuse.

Understanding how money works

JFK was the last Democrat president who understood how to spend money.  Bill Clinton gets a lot of coverage for budgeting  a good economy, while the man who forced him to behave, Newt Gingrich, is on the back shelf at credit time.

I’ll wait until the mid-terms this fall to decide if there is a way out of the chasm for America, or if we’re going to sink into the depths.  If the Dems hold the Senate in the mid-terms, America will continue sliding toward a string of coast to coast Detroits.

Detroit Today

Detroit Today

Two more years of Obama should turn the nation into a total disaster.  If then Hillary triumphs in her run for executive supremacy, America’s survival will be a matter of astronomical odds to the contrary.

The last one to leave Detroit will turn out the lights and then move to Canada.


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