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Economic Pyroclastic Flow

By Larry Leonard

Billionaires Dumping Stocks


It’s a pretty good description of how things were during the five terms of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The Most Intense and Longest financial disaster in living memory.   He managed to do what Obama and friends have done.  Make it impossible for small business to keep providing the usual 70% of the jobs in the nation, while propping up the big banks corporations.  Sounds like a description in a Democratic Party TV ad targeting the pubbies, doesn’t it?

The big liberal publications rarely mention that part.

On October 29, 1930, General Electric common stock was back up to where it had been one year earlier.  Obama spent more on bailing out the big boys in one week than he spent on helping small business in a year.  This is called “crony capitalism” and was practiced by, among other heroes of the Common Man, Adolf Hitler.

The reason a socialist doesn’t like small business is exactly because it is the big job-creator.  With private small business jobs, however, the hired person has to work.  People whose food, hosing and everything else come from the government only have to work on election day.  I am in one sense glad that most of you don’t know all this stuff.  It makes a rotting, road-kill carnivore out of the government most of you think is all there is to trust in America.  For some reason you people like being lied to, and believing in the compassion of the social justice bunch.  Eventually your descendants will notice they’re in a re-education camp and realize that you put them there, but you’ll be long dead by then, so in the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference will it make?”

The billionaires are selling stock.

They see portents of the easing of quantitative easing — the artificial propping up of Wall Street by Obama’s communist fellow travelers for public relations purposes.  The fat cat Taxpayer-funded Free Lunch they’ve been receiving (rising  All to prop up people their party press releases say they hate.  Security values funded by vast sums of government overprinting of paper money and Chinese loans electronically promulgated).

The Big Boys get the recent messages out of the White House.  It must be perfectly timed, but if that is achieved, a diving Wall St. can be a political handout for the socialists with whom they sleep. Information is the thing. Remember the Wall St. slogan:  What goes down must come up when we expect it.

I’d go on, in a lot more depth, but it would be pointless.  The reason most people in this state (and most others) don’t get it is because they don’t want to get it.  It is unsettling to discover that just about everything you believe is bullshit, I hear.  Feelings are the thing that matter.  I’d bet Barbra Streisand is selling, too.  Jews are not financial dummies.  They know how to survive the con games around them.



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