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Duty, honor, country

By Larry Leonard

 “There is no substitute for victory.”  — General of the Army (five stars) Douglas MacArthur.

September 1, 2012 — A Greek philosopher once said that the only people who are done with war are the dead.  In an historical sense, I know of no time in human history when war did not exist at one level or another.  A Western style republic, particularly a big one, must maintain a strong defense.  At the end of WWII, the Japanese decided to outlaw a military in their new republic.  If MacArthur and his military had not been in charge of that country in those days, what Patton called the mongoloid Ruskies would have landed on the northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido and claimed  every square foot of it as their property.  A Soviet  general officer told MacArthur they were going to do it — to his face.  Had MacArthur not told that general he would not allow that to happen, that nation would control the entire island to this day.

The Japanese are famous for the Divine Wind, known as Kamikaze.

That decision to completely demilitarize was a form of national suicide, and left them then, as now, wide open for invasion.  A military is like a hand gun.  If you don’t have one, thieves can walk into your home, rape your wife, kill your children, take what they wish in the way of property, then burn the place to the ground.

Japan has since become wealthy and very industrial.  Both China and North Korea despise them the way some American Indian tribes detested other tribes.  Custer had tribal members in his 7th Cavalry.  Contrary to virtually all modern educational historical narrative where all Indians were noble naturalists aligned against the invading European whites, the real conditions in the Old West were the same as conditions from the first day Man strode the Earth.  From the battles of Mesopotamia to the Greeks and the Persians (today known as Iranians) to the English and the French of the “Enlightenment” to our Civil War to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and today’s “Arab Spring,” it was, is and will remain the same.

I blame Darwin, myself.  Liberals talk of Social Darwinism as a hated trait of conservatives, these days, so as usual accept or deny the identical principle when it is inconvenient or convenient for their political propaganda.


Now, because of the reaction to the horror their Imperial militarism brought down on their nation, Japan now if invaded must rely on outside military assistance.  The term for a writer who does job work, and isn’t an employee of a single company is “free lance.”  It comes from Medievil knights who rode around England and Europe, selling their “lances” to any duke, earl or king who could afford to hire them.  (“Free” isn’t about pay, but rather describes their employment availability.) The empire of Rome finally fell because in the end, their armies were made of mercenaries, just like the freelance knights.  Soldiers who fight for country are not the same as those who fight for pay, alone.

Rome, unwilling to spill its own blood in defense, fell.

History repeats itself

Today, we have the rise of the Islamic Revolution.  Driven back during the Middle Ages, stopped by the Christian knights from their conversion by the sword of the northern Mediterranean nations from Israel to Spain, they have been angry about that defeat ever since, and now that modernist Western secularism is the philosophy of the intellectuals, they are emerging once more.  Their swords are ready to begin converting Christians to Muslims, again.

My focus here is Iran, and a man named Obama.

He is leaving Afghanistan (“stan” is a suffix that means “land”), deserting Iraq and trying to persuade Iran via ineffectual sanctions to abandon their quest for nuclear weapons.  If he is elected to a second term, Iran will soon detonate its first nuke, Iraq will disappear under Sharia (harsh, anti-female, anti-homosexual Islamic law) and Egypt will join many other nations from the region in a war of total destruction against Israel.

It’s all about the same thing.  It always has been about the same thing.  Weakness invites the ever-present human Darwinist destiny.   The weak are taken by the strong. The Hippie peaceniks were born slaves.

The price of freedom is vigilance and strength.

In closing, I offer this old speech:

McArthur’s farewell speech to Congress (both video and text)


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