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American Left Showing Signs of Weakness

WOODWARD: Obama fibs on budget cuts...

What does the headline above mean?
February, 22, 2013 — It was on Drudge, today.  The essay below this one (In Defense of going over the Cliff) if the staff left it there, ran last month, but holds true still.  I could have been talking about the new March 2 Sequester deadline.  As I predicted, they kicked the deadline for February to next month.  It is possible that they will use the “continuing” resolution business to kick it down the road, again.

I am guessing, again, here, but they could do it all the way to the next mid-term elections in 2014.  The reason why I hesitate to say it, for sure, is that the House pubbies seem to be showing more backbone.  It is possible that the state elections beginning with last year’s Wisconsin Recall and reaching to recent events in the industrial north, are indications of a trend. Added to a few items I’ve scanned off the internet — hidden well below the folds of traditional media outlets — they seem to be describing a picture the last election didn’t portray.

All politics are local

Here, national elections generate a lot more voters than off-presidential elections.  More glamor, I suppose.  The serious types show up for these smaller events.  That’s why such events often break form with the last big show for president.  Some reporters will tell you this is a natural oppositional voter shift which often occurs.  I don’t think that’s what we see in these cases.  My interpretation is that what we see in these apparent shifts is the result of the situation I described, above.  The big election types don’t bother to vote.  What was a minority (numerical not race-based) group, by default becomes the majority when the urban crowds decline in number.

If I’m correct. in the 2014 mid-terms, we will see conservatives hold the U.S. House, gain in the U.S. Senate and take more governorships and legislatures. Frankly, unlike the big MSM, I will watch the results, and if they turn out as I expect, will consider that the Tea Parties have not declined in influence, but just changed their targets for change.

You cannot outrun yourself

These things add up, over time.  The voters I’m talking about are where the core resistance to cultural change and economic liberalism lives.  An administration  that sells what are called “assault weapons to foreign drug gangs, yet tries to eat away at your Second Amendment rights is one example.  Threatening disaster results from every attempt at bringing down the exploding cost of government, is another.  Presenting themselves as transparent while blocking every attempt  to get the facts about these and other government operations  is another.  Claiming economic defense of the middle classes while dramatically increasing their costs of living is another.

Modern tactical fighter jets going to the Muslim Brotherhood running Egypt? The list is long.  Clamping down on oil exploration, raising the cost of gasoline, heating oil and dozens of other products part of the daily lives of the middle classes, for example. Claiming to reduce military adventurism while quietly filling the top half of Africa with troops to fight the inroads of Al Qaeda which was in presidential election rhetoric supposed to be on the way out.  And, I loved this one: the recent appearance of Senate leader Harry Reid saying that before he could comment on the new immigration proposals generated by bi-partisan folks, we all would have to read it before we vote on it.

Those folks I’m talking about watched him say it, and the image that came into their minds was Nancy Pelosi on the ObamaCare bill saying it would have to be passed before any of us would be able to read it.  Even a few liberals noticed the titanic hypocrisy, there.  It was similar to the recent bizarre statements by a legendary Washington Post reporter (see top headline) that Obama’s dramatic attack on Sequestration were odd, since the idea came out of the White House (Obama) itself.

Not all liberals are outright socialist liars or intellectually vacant.  Some of them vote the way the do for emotional reasons having to do with the term “compassion.”  They are beginning to exhibit puzzled faces.  When added to the heartland Tea Party types who haven’t lost heart, and what smells to me like some Ron Paul type youngsters out there, I smell 2010 style change beginning to emerge, again. And, this northern state change that is happening in the foundational union regions, well, things could get interesting.

We’ll find out in the mid-terms, but Lady Liberty may just shed the socialist flag draped on her in the last election.  I have been wrong, before, and could be wrong now, but I smell change in the air.  You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time — but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.


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