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Drudge headline: MSNBC’s Bashir Apologizes For Saying Someone Should Defecate on Palin..

Martin Bashir

11/19/13 – We understand from inside journalism sources that the above suggestion was actually a softened modification.  The original suggestion by Bashir had to do with cooking her and feeding her to FOX employees in what was to be called an “Alaskan Stew” at the New York City press club. We think that’s just gossip, but not out of character.  These people are vicious.

We are reminded of President Obama’s campaign call for more civil discourse, soon followed by Vice President Biden’s suggestion to an assembly of southern black voters that Republicans wanted to return them all to slavery. But, it’s all a perfect explanation, perhaps “description” is the better term, for the blatant hypocrisy represented by today’s Democrat Party.  Due to the decades of liberal Democrat domination of American education, the bulk of our citizenry doesn’t know the depth of the lies they’ve been fed about their country.

Republicans want to re-enslave blacks?  It was Republicans who brought down slavery in the Civil War.  And afterwards it was Republicans who brought down Jim Crow, the evil system Democrats constructed in the South — best pictured by the KKK.  When you finish this piece, come back up here and click on this link.

Ken’s “Congress”  http://www.oregonmag.net/PBSCongress603.htm

We are marking the anniversary of a Democrat’s death by assassination these days.  John F. Kennedy was his name.  Books, films for television and stories about the man have been everywhere of late.  Most of them continue the various conspiracy theories about that event. Here’s another one that ties into the theme of this essay.

I think a registered Democrat did it.  Why?  That is, what would be the motive?  JFK got congress to cut taxes, generating a fine lift in the economy and dramatically increasing revenues to the U.S. Treasury.  Liberalism has been on the move in America since the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.  President Theodore Roosevelt was, with Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood), a supporter of the (British) Fabian Socialist concept of Eugenics. (Dramatic reduction of lesser races like black people and gypsies to name two groups, by government action in urban drinking water systems).  Franklin Roosevelt’s socialist instincts were legendary, of course.  When JFK cut taxes and dramatically improved the jobs picture (more taxpayers is why revenues to the government shot up), he engendered hatred by the blue bloods of his own party.

Next, he sent the first military support to democratic (small d) forces in Indo-China.  That threatened Ho Chi Minh, the communist leader in what Kennedy’s vice-president, LBJ, would turn into the Viet Nam war.  The deeply buried American Democrat (big D) structure resented that.

Next, JFK confronted the Soviet Union in Cuba (the first major communist national movement in the West), and made Kruschev back down and remove all Russian nuclear missiles from that island.  The “Democrat” socialists — particularly in the universities — thought that was unforgivable.

Enough was Enough

I was working at my first daily newspaper at the time, and suggested that the murder of JFK was by Democrats. American socialist/communists (same fish/one has bigger teeth), and all of them being registered Democrats, they were not only shocked, they laughed out loud at the very idea.  But then, they were not taught any of the facts above at journalism school, just as they were not taught the truth about racism which is outlined in the internal link, above.

And, so it is today.  These reporters come out of the University of Oregon and Columbia University (source of the Pulitzer prizes) in NYC without knowing that the “Solid South” Democrat structure of this nation after the Civil War and all the way into the latter half of the Seventies — KKK and all — was created and maintained by the party of which nearly all American journalists were members.

Rats who will lynch blacks for stealing a pig are thugs.  Rats like Joe Biden whose political ancestors did that sort of thing will tell gatherings of ignorant black voters that the Republicans want to enslave them.  The blacks, because of the education the Democrat establishment that controls the schools gave them, are completely unaware that a political descendant of Jim Crow is telling them one of the most successful lies in human history.

Ignorant is one thing, and stupid is another.  I cannot figure out why blacks who grew up in the American South where for a hundred years after the Civil War maybe one Republican held elective office below the Mason-Dixon line, didn’t notice that every mayor, town council member, state senator, state representative, secretary of state, local sheriff and dog catcher was a Democrat.  Didn’t notice that these political office holders never arrested anybody in the KKK for lynching a black for stealing a pig?

And, they stand there, registered Democrats, cheering for an idiot who says racism is a Republican heritage?

So it is with the scene, today.  It is why the Tea Parties don’t like John McCain, to name one Republican.  He has spent his career crossing the line to work, to compromise, with Democrats.  With people whose political power was for centuries based in slavery, founded in slavery and enhanced by oppression, and who stand there on the stage and in a mock southern drawl present themselves as the party of freedom for blacks.

Of late, many of you have begun to nervously wonder if those Democrats have been misinforming you.  This continuing trouble about promises in the Health Care Act, is making some traditional labor types jumpy about the kind of people who will make a grandstand call for more civilized speech one day and then suggest taking  a crap on Sarah Palin’s head, the next.  (Followed by an empty, meaningless apology which makes things okay.)

Oregon is a very liberal place, these days.  The Cubans who escape Castro and swim to America never register as Democrats.  They have lived in a bureaucratic state, and finally decided to head for a place where they could breathe free.

I keep wondering when the people here will begin to wonder about things. Begin to grow up.


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