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DMV Psychology, Grinning, Approaches Us All

 By Larry Leonard

OBAMACARE: Doctor’s Office Spends 2 Hours On Hold With Insurer For Surgery Authorization, Before Giving Up…

Frustrated patients walk out of hospitals without treatment…

January 4, 2014 — You really don’t grasp the bureaucratic mind?  You really don’t know that they call themselves public servants, but actually think of you as the servant?  You really don’t understand why people came here from Canada to get an operation they needed before the condition killed or permanently crippled them?   Cuba has socialized medicine.  Why do people paddle on empty fruit boxes through waves of sharks to get to Florida to pick oranges in the hot sun?

You actually do want U.S. Government bureaucrats deciding if you’re too old to get another pacemaker? You actually think the way to get costs under control is to turn a task over to the government?  You really haven’t noticed that the new ObamaCare plans have gigantic sums for you to pay in advance before the insurance money starts flowing in your direction?  You haven’t heard that old folks are required to buy coverage related to having babies?  You didn’t know that no marking expert in the country would have believed that the usually-healthy young would jump at the chance to pay for coverage most of them will not need, just to provide financing for the elderly?

It is amazing what you really don’t know and what you really will believe.




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