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Dewey Defeats Truman !! (Famous late 1940’s newspaper stupid election headline. Truman won. )

By Larry Leonard

November 05, 2012 — You yell “Hello?” in an Oregon canyon, and a row of greetings echo back.  Why more than one?  Because the second echo is the reply to the first echo, the third to the second, and so on.

The national and Oregon MSM (or “mainstream media”) is like that.

It starts with the Oregonian and the various television stations.  The rest of Oregon’s smaller “progressive” outlets pick up the ball and run with it locally.  Many of them (even some of the tiny ones) are prize-winning organizations because not one in 500 awards organizations give awards to conservative journalists or artists.  When one of them does give such a prize to a conservative, it will be a “token” meant to suggest they are not biased. From the Nobel prize for literature to the Pulitzer prize for journalism to the Oregon Book Awards to the local urban press club to any honorary salutation by any college or university with more than ten students in the Pacific NW — they are almost all coming from liberal persuasion.

The description which most accurately portrays the liberal-over-conservative media/arts  awards numbers is George Armstrong Custer vs.the tribe and allied tribal nations fighting with Chief Crazy Horse.  The imbalance in numbers is impressive.

The above principle goes beyond awards, and may be applied to the information you receive from the MSM journalists and electronic media reporters and commentators.  The closest thing to the truth you will ever read or hear from them comes when, as in the Case of Ronald Reagan’s first White House victory or the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, there is no way to hide or shape the truth. Not even the totally uninformed product of our “modern” public system of education would buy the lie.

It’s still mostly spin, though

This is being written the day before the national election of 2012.  If, as Oregon Magazine predicted in November of 2011, Romney wins the presidency tomorrow,  that will be the banner headline in every damned socialist media outlet in the state. However, almost nothing else below that headline will accurately portray the event.  The official numbers may be given, but after that, the rest of the reporting will be only accidentally (unintentionally) correct.  Why it happened, how it happened and what it means — all of that will be pure bushwah.

The bushwah will continue in the future, in our award-winning MSM.  As I said in a recent piece in the magazine, the politically correct, handsome and arrogant devil will merely return to his office and begin to compose the lies he will need to restore his power next time.

In his narratives, up will be down, here will be there and in will be out, just as it has been during most of my seven decades in Oregon.  It is my hope that the bottom-up Tea Party revolution that caused the 2010 results, and the Wisconsin recall election outcome (predicted in these pages in spite of the numbers generated by the pollsters) will continue, the day after tomorrow. It is my hope that the audiences of the MSM will continue to decrease, and I will have the pleasure of watching their newspapers shrink in size, and their long-famous national news magazines go out of print.

Educational junk

But in Oregon?  Considering just Oregon’s public education sector, this will be difficult.  It is almost impossible for a communist disguised as a caring and generous liberal to lose office, here.  It has happened at the state legislature level, of late, but is still rare in certain, often urban, areas. Parents and teachers shape the minds of the young, and our schools are similar to communist re-education communes.  The children’s heads are stuffed full of Leftist propaganda from kindergarten to advanced university degree level.

Combine the liberal/progressive/socialist (same as communist or fascist except in intensity) educational structure hereabouts with the Oregon MSM’s constant barrage of propaganda, and one wonders just what it will take to overcome the army of the Leftist beaver state drones.

Real hope and change

Well, if by the time you read this the national election is over, and our predictions have come true, it will be, like 2010, one more step in the right direction.  If the good guys have also held the U.S. House and retaken the U.S. Senate, that will be even better.  In the years to immediately follow, perhaps some of Oregon’s mal-educated voters will begin to see the truth through the MSM fog of misinformation.

It will be difficult for some of them when they realize that their good intentions were actually a road to hell, but then, as all Oregonians know, into every life a little rain must fall.


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