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Deity Crashes to Earth

By Larry Leonard

MEMO: 230,000 children expected over 24 months...
Growing concern of diseases...

Another Dem Quits on Obama: 'Even I have had enough'...

He began with hosannas of adulation, and even got re-elected for a second term, but the bloom is off the rose now.  The Taliban swap has him down with 43% of the voters.  Anywhere in the low forties is bad news.  We don’t think impeachment is in the wings, but think the stream of negatives that began with giant cash for his government solution to the economic doldrums and just got worse bodes ill for the mid-terms this year.

Not that the big media is expressing fundamental disagreement.  They’re picking at his cabinet as much as anything. But, it’s serious.

This latest swap, kicked off in the Rose Garden, turned loose some real professional killers who will be back to cause trouble soon.  They’re relaxing in Qatar (pronounced: “cutter”) right now, but they will be back, and they may kill your son.

It’s like the kids

Hundreds of thousand children are coming across our southern border in a massive Obama airlift for amnesty.  Brit Hume of FOX wants to keep them because they are polite and grateful.  Some unused military bases are being opened to house them.  But, withal, the threat of imported diseases cropping up in our school system will one day turn this sour, too.  In time, there are dangers lurking in this noble effort to save Bolivian children.

Damn near everything Obama has done, he had done wrong.  He has a gift for it that can only be explained as emanating from ignorance.  He is a political liberal.  He filters everything that stinks through that ignorance, and calls it good in principal.  One day all the complainers will wake up to the truth of socialism and see that a new world has been created, and it is good.

The heart of America has been stirred by all this.  Some attitudes are shifting in amazing places.  I don’t know if it will show up in the next two elections, but you will be able to tell by the results.  The mid terms will do it by shifting the balance of power in Congress if it happens.  And, in the election after that, the Hillary will fail.

Call it a return to sanity.  To older, established ways.  A departure from the radical leftism and a return to calmer days.

We could have a return of classical America is important sectors.  I see it in the rhetoric of Juan Williams, who has put on his true political cloak in recent months.  I think it is fear that caused it.

He may be correct.  There may be a subtle shift going on in America.  Obama’s ideas may be sliding out of favor.


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