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Cut Off The Oxygen

By Art Hyland

Our president recently and publicly singing the words to Amazing Grace doesn’t make him the Christian he claims to be any more than those of the oath of office made him want to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  Words are his means to power.  Period.  And he has gathered a powerful, elite following who have taken that concept to extremes.

With President Obama violating clearly written laws regarding immigration or a president’s restrictions regarding military action against a nation (e.g. Libya) . . .

With a previous, dominant Democrat congress having passed laws without the process required by the Constitution (Obamacare) . . .

With the Supreme Court creating law where there was none  . . .

. . . NOW is the time like none before for a Republican House to cut off funding to those branches, agencies or departments of government and their bureaucracies that in the House’s simple majority opinion violate the Constitution of the United States or are superfluous, while there still is a United States left in which for them to act.  dollar bill copyThey don’t need Obama’s signature on this action, and the press – – that one-time guardian of the nation – -be damned.  Start boldly with, say, the EPA.  Really, just de-fund that entire, sorry agency and then discuss the next target.  Let the nation see what a determined, cornered political cat is like when pushed to the brink, because we are at that brink.

Is there a citizen other than government-related who wouldn’t applaud this action?  Not when gasoline would drop a dollar a gallon, or electricity costs rapidly decline.  Republicans can play the game dominated for decades by Democrats better than liberals if they finally get a spine.

We are witnessing the total disintegration and destruction of this once-beautiful, unique nation piece by piece.  The primarily Eastern U.S. , liberal establishment is so power-hungry and drunk with the arrogance of certainty that the air they breathe – – money – – must be cut off NOW.

Who cares what the networks or NYT will say?  Certainly not conservatives anymore because no matter how conciliatory they are, and they have been way too often, liberals and their enabling press cut them off at the knees at every opportunity.  Obama played hardball; Harry Reid played hardball; Nancy Pelosi played hardball; and now the Supreme Court played hardball.  So fine.  Congress:   start throwing the ball at THEIR heads. Obam mad If you hit a few, who cares?  They never did.

In a battle for life, the victors are the ones still standing, and who get to write the history.  Who’s it going to be, the anointed cheats, liars and secularists who claim to know how to direct everyone else, or the millions of citizens and their states acting independently and free in what is supposed to be a union of states plural, not a single entity with geographical identities in name only.  There’s incredible irony to note sexual and gender identities becoming a top liberal priority while the states that form this nation and which specifically retained their rights and powers at its inception are purposely violated in favor of the latest pop culture.

Get to it John Boehner (I know, that’s a stretch), and let loose the dogs.  You’ve been taken for the patsy you are, but if you’re not immediately up to the task, get the hell out of the way because there is a vast number of previously patient citizens beyond the Beltway who are so damn mad anything can and will happen.

If laws are what liberals think they are on any given day, that can and will go both ways.  Try running a country without tax receipts or without reverence for public offices or regulations.  If you think Ferguson was a disturbance (and it was for Ferguson but was merely a local smash and grab) think about millions of people deciding to make runs on the banks, hoarding food, defending their turf by whatever means necessary.  Trust in our nation’s viability has almost disappeared even among the most loyal of conservatives.  For the current crop of American liberals it apparently never existed, nor should it.

If conservatives in Congress don’t act strongly and quickly to defend this nation, it will lead to dramatic, rational, independent but parallel chaos.  And no, the Homeland Security bureaucracy will not be able to control the population; they couldn’t even handle the simple task of controlling the borders.  Plus, they’re outnumbered 1000:1.  Millions of independent-minded Americans, most of whom ignored politics until the last few years because they were busy doing what Americans do – -taking care of themselves and others by praying, ‘working and thinking – -are no longer ignoring the obvious:  America is skidding downhill and we either stop it and fix it or we’re going to witness an implosion like none has ever seen on earth.

thNone of this was contemplated nor remotely desired by even one true conservative, but we saw the possibilities with the growing power of centralized government accelerated by the election of a socialist/communist/egotist president disguised as a something completely different before each targeted voting group.

American government was created to preserve the opportunity for all citizens to pursue the happiness eloquently stated in the Declaration of Independence.  It was not the Declaration of Dependence it has become in the minds of the ignorant and power-hungry.

May God help us through this incredible nightmare, but by the amazing grace of God, we can be found and led home.

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