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Custer Effect Snatches Defeat From the Jaws of Waiver Victory

By Larry Leonard

September 26, 2013 — I said in a very recent piece that the Tea Party types in the U.S. House had squelched the attempt to give Congress (the House) a waiver for ObamaCare.  What’s good for the big chiefs is good for all the little Indians.  It’s possible that they actually did, but later actually didn’t. That is government in the modern era for you.  First the item.  I think what the Tea Party types did was block an attempt for special treatment from one direction, and though successful, didn’t affect all those other arrows coming in from all those other directions.

That is a guess on my part.  My information comes in from various types of media reports and comments by various members of various groups or group movements out there.  It would help if we had our own magazine contributors there at the Little Big Horn, but this publication cannot afford that because we have zero cash flow income.  This magazine is assembled by volunteers.  They work for free because most of them, like me, being in their elder years,  don’t like what has happened to America.  After years of liberalism, the place resembles a trip down the rabbit hole with Lewis Carrol’s Alice.

Or, where in the hell did all these Indians come from?

The Big Three networks have joined PBS, deserting journalism, settling into the work of PR flacks for all liberal causes and administrations.  The New York Times and the Washington Post in D.C. are print members of the liberal news collective.  The great magazines are gone or declining. Columbia University is hiring convicted terrorists as adjunct professors.  They all have left the search for truth and joined the search for socialist truth.

In the case of this specific piece, few of them covered the point about waivers, or special rights for special people.  The particular machinations going on at this part of the fracas are not very visible.  If the right cross doesn’t connect with the chin, there are eight other types of basic punches which can be tried next, and next after that.  My impression here is that some group in the U.S. House which is Republican but isn’t Tea Party tried for the waiver some other way, and seems to have succeeded, temporarily at least.  What I told you was true, for the briefest moments of time, like the last glorious minute of an autumn sunset which is suddenly followed by a cold nightfall.  That description also may be wrong.  What happened may have been the result of a thoughtful gift from the White House.  It may have slid into the pockets of RINOs, the pockets of politicians who talk an excellent conservative game but don’t practice one, the pockets of representatives who openly and happily practice liberalism — or via some other path into that chamber.

If we were there, I would ask our reporter what the hell just happened.  How it happened.

Here’s what I know almost for sure.

It seems to have happened.  The brave stand of the Tea Party types has washed downstream, into the past.  As of this writing forces to defeat the scam may be at work in the Tea Party rooms beneath the Capitol Dome.  If so, other rooms beneath that dome are planning ways to defeat the next moves by the patriots.

It’s like Italy during the age of the Borgias.

$67 million has disappeared from the ObamaCare slush fund.  The IRS says it has probably gone to indirect spending.  Rented space, employees, office machines, meetings in various places — implementation money to get socialized medicine going.  I predicted this was coming in my recent piece on this subject.  It’s not exactly difficult to project something like that in this case.


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