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Crater Lake Could Swallow the Empire State Bldg.

By Larry Leonard

Or, the Empire State Bldg. could swallow Oregon …

There’s a certain symmetry in these concepts. Crater Lake may be visited in America, but New York City thinks it is America. How do I know? Simple. the Tea Parties didn’t begin in NYC, so the MSM thought they were unimportant — still do, in fact, even after 2010’s national elections. How could anything not rooted in NYC be lasting in nature? What idiot would suggest a thing like that?

But, the “occupy” movement, to this same clot of NYC, self-congratulatory, Pulitzer winning inflated egoists, is a BIG DEAL because it did start in NYC. Importance, it turns out has a geographical component. If it starts in the Big Apple, nothing else matters.

To them.

It’s a common fantasy, and is created by urbanization. Cities, by nature dependent locations, are just like ancient fortresses. They don’t create the basic stuff humans need to survive. Cut off their food and water and in no time they fall. In fact, just stop sending them steak and lettuce, then point at some good farmland and say, “There’s where we do it. Have fun,” and walk away. They won’t have the faintest idea what to do. A year later, 90% of them will be dead.

The arrogance of the Urbanite hides their total dependency on us hicks. NYC or Portland, Oregon, it’s the same Hollywood fantasy.

Speaking of that, have you noticed that nearly all movies in the last five decades are either mildly pornographic or moving comic books? Try to imagine Hollywood making a film like To Kill a Mockingbird, these days. (Not a chance, because no naked bodies.) Or, 12 O’Clock High, for another example. (Not a chance, because no naked bodies.) Going My Way? She Wore a Yellow Ribbon? The Maltese Falcon? Key Largo?

You might as well expect accurate reporting from NBC or the New York Times.

Perhaps it’s like Rome

Lusty folks roll up their sleeves and build an empire-sized state. Their children live much better lives. Their grandchildren seem to think they deserve benefits without danger. Their great-grandchildren think they deserve benefits without effort. This leads to the collapse of the structure.

We like to think that this brand new thing called America is not like a human body which grows into health and strength, then gradually declines and dies. This Republic (“representative democracy”) is the water from the magic fountain, and has the capacity to defeat the old diseases — to renew its vigor and refresh its cells. Right?

Maybe. It’s the first type of government in the history of the planet which has the medical tools to fix its own broken bones and cut out the cancers from the world’s tyrannical past. The rules are there for us to use. The Rise need not come with a Fall, this time — assuming the descendants of the founders actually understand what they inherited, and aren’t a bunch of jerkoffs.


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