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Control Tower Snoozers

By Larry Leonard

May, 2011 — Regarding the airport traffic controllers who have been sleeping on the job, lately, we have read that each one costs $161,000 per year. Rather than doubling the team size, and so the cost of these (mostly small airport) government positions, as the Obama regime has suggested, why not provide a cot for the resident controller to nap on, and hire a local resident who needs a job to wake him or her up when a plane calls the tower?

(Any HAM, or Amateur Radio, operator could handle the job.)

This “assistant” job would cost a tenth of what a qualified controller requires. The only work credentials would be of the reliability type, and could be met by any HAM in town. A retired one would be perfect, since they know more about mobile and fixed radio technology and communications than most official controllers. Find one with a private pilot’s license and you have the problem solved. Failing that, it should be awarded to somebody on welfare who presently spends most of their night watching late-night television shows, anyway. It would ease the community burden in that area, as well.

Funding for these people could come from the billions still unspent in the famous “TARP” jobs fund held by the White House — thus would not increase the national debt by one single dime.


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