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Concerning the alteration of tradition for political convenience

By Larry Leonard

October 25, 2011 — They asked a question on the air. This was the morning FOX show. They wanted to know what you think about education, today. I think with rare exceptions, it’s socialist junk. Compared what we used to have, public schools today are PC hovels and political campaign money laundering devices. I compare historic academic achievement levels in classical America to those of today. The classical period in question could be the era prior to “modernization” of public education to its current form – Say, 1900 — 1950, with 1960-2010. Content is the key. What the kids learn.

This latter period contains the “separation of church and state,” the introduction of radical feminism that has destroyed the American family, affirmative action and a host of Progressive alterations of the previous traditional norms.

In effect, this latter day cultural mode has eliminated the celebration of traditional holidays (or altered former celebratory characteristics) dramatically. Christmas, the Fourth of July, Easter and so forth. In Portland, Oregon, one of the historic streets was named “Union Avenue” then was renamed “Martin Luther Kind Blvd.” There’s a certain irony, there, since the Union designation had to do with ending slavery in America, while the MLK label refers to the battle to end the widespread effects of the Democrat’s Jim Crow. (During the late 19th and early part of the 20th Century, a Democrat could not achieve public office in Oregon without the permission of the KKK.)

So, Union Avenue was about a savage war to free blacks from bondage, and MLK BLVD is about finishing the earlier work. Which is the greater accomplishment — ending legal slavery or Jim Crow? Which cost the most lives?

To me, breaking free of the chains made the second event possible, and so the Civil War is the more significant of the two. They couldn’t have been done in reverse order. I interpret the renaming of that street to the taking of current political advantage. The reason why another street wasn’t renamed was because Union Avenue went through the traditional black district, and the Democrats wanted cover for the fight to keep the slaves in chains, and the savage decades of their creation, Jim Crow. But, then, with our public schools none of them knew it.

History had to be re-written if the slavers and creators of Jim Crow were to get that voting bloc

There was a time when Civics were a major part of education in this nation. Since the Sixties, the erosion of the traditional culture that produced a rich nation and a world-class military which defended freedom around the world has been replaced by injustice in the name of justice and ever-increasing serfdom (government control over the lives of private citizens) in the place of freedom

During the era of traditional cultural beliefs celebrated by the holidays under discussion, the family was strong. There was pride, and the economic dynamism of freedom. The erosion of those founding cultural practices has left us with the present mess.

For those who are part of the PC American history rape, be aware of the following. Tradition matters to us Tea Party types. Holidays are symbols, like flags, and the classic traditions of America — if the Tea Parties have anything to say about it — will not be eroded further. (They will be revitalized.)

We saw what Hitler did with symbolism. We have watched the symbolism of the Islamic “freedom” movement. We have seen our schools turned into socialist swamps teaching Marxism. We have watched liberals spend our tax dollars for spandex bike paths and feminist education community centers that are actually just abortion information centers) while our economy is turned over to bureaucrats and our parades go from floats containing veterans to floats celebrating immorality.

It’s the Tom Brokaw Syndrome

He’s the man who wrote a book titled “The Greatest Generation,” then spent each evening on network news supporting the Left. I don’t think Tom was even aware of what he did. At times I, and my millions of Tea Party friends, wonder the same about the MSM, today.

Many great citizens got a fine education before traditions came up for discussion. Support what you wish, but remember the election of 2010. I don’t mind offending some people with Christmas Trees in a Portland public area. I don’t care if teachers didn’t like Washington’s Birthday, and wanted to change it to President’s Day so that presidents that were garbage compared to him were elevated to his level. I doubt that North Koreans celebrate Christmas or Easter. I think I know why they don’t.

They think classical American symbols, just like religion, are an opiate for the masses. What America needs is a return of the massas. (Socialist massas, to be precise.)


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