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Chaos Abroad Hides Medical “Progress”

By Larry Leonard

Over the next decade, the cost of the law’s new entitlements will soar more than fivefold, from $48 billion in 2014 to $250 billion in 2023.

September 12, 2013 — The budget deadline approacheth, immigration looms, but it’s the third of the looming major constitutional disasters that has me jittery.  Syria’s a sideline compared to it.  Below, two recent headlines from the Drudge Report.  The italicized subhead under the headline above is directly related to the first of these Drudge links.  The second one, about the medical device item, highlights another problem the legislation comes with.  It’s all about the so-called healthcare legislation made famous by Nancy Pelosi’s  statement about the  debate in the House. The bill passed by one vote.  When questioned   by members of the House who were interested in reading the bill before voting up or down on it, she said, “You’ll have to pass it to read it.”

Six-story billboard on NYC’s 42nd Street bashes Obamacare…

Medical Device Tax Causes Company to Lay Off 1,000 People…

Click on the top one about the billboard, first.  It’s a quick read.  You can dive into the Device thing later for more detailed misery.

The top item here is about the tsunami of taxpayer funding that’s heading our way as a result of this legislation. Beginning a few days from the date on this Oregon Magazine piece, the real assembly or installation will begin. (Assuming  Obama doesn’t put a hold in the procedure because the government isn’t ready or doesn’t have the organization or staff yet to handle what has to be done)

People have no idea.  What’s coming, money-wise  is a national disaster..

Young people have no idea what is looming, even in this early construction stage. This proves it was a mistake to lower the voting age to eighteen.  They are completely ignorant of even the most common elements of life.  If they attend college, those lessons will recede years into their future, so they will remain ignorant for the two, four or more years they travel the academic road.  And, most educational programs in most American institutions of “higher” learning are so imbued with socialism that at the farthest end of even extended schooling some of them will  be so indoctrinated that they’ll never get out of the Marxist fog.

Middle-aged people have pop music and movie heroes from the Sixties and Seventies.  Believing they were identifying with compassion and justice, they have been taught to reject conservative philosophy without even the faintest amount of study.

Old folks like me are susceptible to the messages of the Left because they have retirement savings that look solid if they are backed by the government.  Not one in a hundred of them know that Bernie Madoff went to jail for running an investment scam known as a “Ponzi Scheme,” and which is at it’s basic level identical to Social Security.  (Most of them don’t know that the famous organization for the elderly, AARP, is an important contributor, using their membership money, to the American Liberalism movement — in particular, the modern Democratic Party.

Most American women are registered Democrats. Most American women are white.  Therefore, all of them, in the name of justice and fairness have put lead weights in the pockets of their own sons by way of legislated educational imbalance in favor of “affirmative action.”

Ask a liberal American woman if  she supports fairness, and she will say yes.  Ask her if she knew that her tax dollars went to send a minority or a woman to a big time university instead of her own son, in place of her own son even when he had the highest S.A.T score of all of them, and she will look at you with a puzzled expression on her face.  She had handicapped her own son’s educational potential just by voting for compassionate candidates instead of those racist, sexist Republicans?   No way.

She would never even consider doing that.

Socialized Medicine

So, now we have another liberal “program.”  People call it ObamaCare.  The unions, having discovered what was in it after it passed, are jumping ship ASAP.  Congress has already tried to get a waiver from it, and failed.  Tea Party types saw to that.  To them, the idea of shoving this monster down your throat and giving Congress a taxpayer-subsidy or other bypass around it struck them as hypocrisy — which is exactly what it was and still is.  The official Obama Administration list of special-favor waivers to that monster as we approach setting the thing up is in the thousands.  When some of the unions don’t go for a waiver, some of their branch shops have broken off their affiliation with the parent union group.  Unlike you, they have attorneys that have read all of the 1270 pages of the bill.  They now know what Pelosi was hiding, and have come to understand that compared to most union healthcare plans, it is junk.  Garbage.  And,  it is from two to five times as costly in many if not most situations.

It is very likely you will have to pay separately to “keep your own doctor.”  Remember the “death panels” Sara Palin was ridiculed about?  They’re there.  The waiting lines for operations you see in Canada, England and virtually all countries that have this kind of system?  Lines so long that people die waiting for their turn on the table?  They’re coming.  If the death panels (government bureaucratic allocation of medical resources) are there, the waiting lines are there.

You think that because it’s government, it won’t be political.  Tell that to the Tea Party victims of the IRS.

The Road to Hell is paved with Liberal intentions

Does it have to be this way? If we stop this thing, the logical answer to the problem is still there, and is easy.  Just financially assist poor people with their health needs.  What have we done instead?  Plugged the whole nation into the thing.  Turned the entire healthcare profession into a government bureaucracy that in dollar size is equal to one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

Will that get even worse?  Does socialized medicine involve any new expenses?.  Yes.  A gigantic new bureaucracy.  Go to any goverrnent building and walk around.  That will show you what all government bureaucracies look like.  The agriculture department, for example, exists in gigantic buildings in Washington, D.C., giant buildings in some large cities, medium sized buildings in medium sized cities and all sorts of other facilities across the nation. They fund more strange research problems than you’ll ever know.  And, the new employee statistics?  I’ll pick a number.  Including facilities at medical colleges and universities, plus all those buildings, I’ll pick a half a million federal employes living on your tax dollars.  It’s just a guess, here, but the one-sixth of the economy that ObamaCare represents will be maybe even larger than the agriculture department in the end — and given the natural growth of government bureaucracies, we are talking about two to three million employees in maybe five or ten years. The only government sector that has shrunk in size since 1804 is the buggy-whip subsidy.

Maybe an annual average ObamaCare employee salary of a hundred grand including seminars in Las Vegas?  More?  And, how much tourism  revenue reduction when Canadians discover there’s no point in coming south to get an operation?

And, there you are years later standing there and wondering how in God’s Name the mess that has evolved happened.  The cost is way more than they said it would be, the government just told you half the stuff in your refrigerator is no longer legal to purchase, one of your grand kids has become a paraplegic because he couldn’t get an operation in time, you’ve been told that aortic valve replacements aren’t given to low-priority citizens over sixty-eight and every Catholic hospital in the state was just closed down because it’s against regulations to mention God in a public healthcare facility.

Read the link at the top about the money tsunami approaching us.  Then read the one about the loss of jobs riding the surfboard on the crest of the tsunami.

The Tea Party types in the U.S. House of Representatives will try to defund this monster.  If they can’t, or if the House goes back to Pelosi next November, the day will come when you wonder how things could have come to such a pass.

The answer is simple

It will be due to the effects of the people you elect who feed off centralized power.  That’s what the founding fathers wrote the Constitution to protect us from.  Essentially, the words in that goorious document are in large part about what the government can’t do.  Every one of them had lived under the rule of a monarch, and didn’t care much for it. Distracting you from the ponderous government takeover of a sixth of your national economy is what all the distractions in the news are about. (The ones coming out of the Senate and the White House.)  It’s going to be one gigantic mess shifting everything over to operate within the ObamaCare structure, and as much as possible must  be done to divert your attention while you are being eaten alive by the Stalinist State in the socialist years to come..


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