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Calgary struggles with summer snowfall…

Early September 2014 — Just a thought. It’s in the Eighties and Nineties in Portland, Oregon, and snowing in Canada. Perhaps illegal aliens are not filling up Canada because they don’t know how to pick fruit in a snowstorm. I myself have worked on West Coast farms, bucking bales, swamping peaches and picking strawberries —

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What if we got a Flat Tax?

flat tax

By Larry Leonard

House slashes IRS tax enforcement budget…

July 2014 — There is nothing complicated about liberals. All their machinations are complex in the extreme, but their underlying premises are simple: control of your life and property. They want all your money, and want to use it to buy votes.

Some information floating around

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No Heat Wave Way Down Under

By Larry Leonard

Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded…

July 13, 2014 – The climate mystery to me is that so many in the sciences seem to have bought into the man-caused rising global temperature idea. Not that changes in overall climate do not occur. Rather, it’s the part of it where humans are blamed that

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I know how he feels

Elephant now free

By Larry Leonard

Elephant Cries When Freed From Chains Worn for 50 Years…

July 9, 2014 — I was 20. It was 1962. The civil rights movement was heating up. It seemed a good time in America, but what I did not know about was the pent-up hatred by the unsuccessful in America. They

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Obama the Transparent …

John Wayne

By Larry Leonard FEDS THREATEN JOURNALIST WITH PRISON… July 4, 2014 — Take a liar and stuff him in a frog suit. Put him on national taxpayer funded television without a teleprompter. What have you got? The POTUS !!! On the Fourth of July, too.You recall, I assume, the Godlike being who golfs on

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Water, Water Everywhere, but …

Texas jobs

By Larry Leonard

Thousands go without water as Detroit cuts service for overdue accounts…

June 30, 2014 — You see it everywhere, these days. Socialist greenies who call themselves environmentalists when they are actually just junk scientists hustling for power over every aspect of your life, including your income. Record cold winters are blamed on

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World Spins Out of Control

upside down

By Larry Leonard WaPost: How Bill earned $104.9 million in speeches since leaving the White House.

June 28, 2014 — That’s nothing. In Pakistan (land of the Paks) a young girl married a 30 year old man her family considers to be from a lower-class tribe, so the family said they wanted to support

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Economy: Actual Numbers Portray Slide Towards Recession

Detroit Today

By Larry Leonard Two more negative quarters and we’re there. Again. White House has been saying we’ve been growing. This is why you should duck if this White House says the sky isn’t falling. — LL UNLV student on Hillary’s $225K speaking fee: ‘That’s obscene!’

What difference does it make if I had

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It Snows Most Summers in Norway, now.

By Larry Leonard

Scandal of fiddled global warming data… USA has actually been COOLING since 1930s, the hottest decade on record… President Warns of ‘Hurricane Intensity’ Despite 8-Year Hiatus… Australian PM introduces bill to repeal carbon tax… Time Travel Simulated by Australian Physicists…

June 23, 2014 — A 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit offshore Alaska, today.

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Can he be Impeached?

By Larry Leonard

S Dakota Republicans pass resolution demanding Obama impeachment…June 22, 2014 — I have watched the polls, and can tell you that in spite of bottom of the barrel numbers, the president’s base, which is blacks, the wildest socialist greenies and the young is still intact. I honestly believe he could pass state

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You Could See it Coming

dollar bill copy

By Larry Leonard Canada approves pipeline that will ship oil to Asia… Consumer prices rise sharply in May…

June 18, 2014 — It isn’t a done deal. There are lawsuits, and resistance in government circles. Canada’s present prime minister is, after all, a conservative. It is a shame that Obama isn’t, because if the resistance

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Hiding from Taxes for Which you Voted

What difference does it make if I had a $2 million advance when we were dead broke?

WIRE: Clintons hide wealth to avoid taxes… June 17, 2014 — She and Bill were wealthy, and she said they left the White House “dead broke.” At the time, they owned several homes in various locations across the country. They were millionaires. She was a Congressional senator, and voted to tax the rich. Now,

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The Pope and the Confused French President


By Larry Leonard Pope warns global economic system near collapse… ‘Economies sacrifice man at feet of idol of money’… French PM warns disgruntled Socialists they could ‘disappear’… President Francois Hollande has promised to reverse a rise in unemployment to record highs, helped by tax cuts for companies and lower public spending, but this policy

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Slave Shrimp Propaganda from the Left?

By Larry Leonard

REPORT: Slave labor used to catch shrimp for COSTCO, WALMART… June 10, 2014 — Thailand, now a Chinese communist “protectorate,” has a fleet of fishing boats. Just as in the days of English press gangs, they kidnap people to work on those boats, and life on them is a living

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Deity Crashes to Earth

By Larry Leonard

MEMO: 230,000 children expected over 24 months… Growing concern of diseases… Another Dem Quits on Obama: ‘Even I have had enough’… He began with hosannas of adulation, and even got re-elected for a second term, but the bloom is off the rose now. The Taliban swap has him down with

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