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Starbucks Spills Coffee on its Crotch

By J. Matt Barber

Espresso makes you hyper. When you’re hyper you sometimes make rash decisions. When you make rash decisions you usually regret it. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz evidently chugged a Venti-five-shot-double-pump-skinny-vanilla-latte last week before announcing Starbucks’ new “RaceTogether” public relations stunt. As he describes it, the über-”progressive” head of the

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Brian Williams the Canary


By Art Hyland

“. . .anything that can be described can be presented as if it happened because, well, it could have happened, and that’s all that matters.

The story of the Brian Williams saga wherein recorded video descriptions by Williams morphed from having only heard about things that happened to those same

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Treason: Obama Aids the Enemy

Elder Bergdahl

By J. Matt Barber

Well, that didn’t take long. This summer after Barack Obama inexplicably (and illegally) freed five of the Taliban’s most deadly terrorists in exchange for army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, I asked a burning question – a question that remains unanswered: “What will it take for our spineless U.S. Congress

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Charlie Hebdo revisited

By Art Hyland

[What follows here is a re-print from an article written Sept. 19, 2012. It’s being revisited here today because of the killing that took place in Paris yesterday at the offices of the French publication Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine whose editors long ago decided anyone was worthy of critical humor, including

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Storage Wars: The Mid-Term Edition

Storage Wars

By Luke Hamilton

Now that the heady rush of jubilation has faded from the election, it’s time to take stock of what we actually achieved. The numbers couldn’t be more forthright. It’s as if the American people interrupted the President to interject, “Now, let me be clear…” The 2014 election was an epic

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High School Rule-makers Endanger Female Athletes

By J. Matt Barber

The inmates are running the asylum in Indy.

Until recently I had not heard of the National Federation of State High School Associations, or NFHS. This Indianapolis-based organization has, since 1920, developed and published playing rules for high-school sports in all 50 states and the District of

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The Crucifixion of Pastor Scott Lively

By J. Matt Barber

“Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.”

– John 15:20

Christians, pastors, take heed. In case you haven’t noticed, times are

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Lesbian Extremist Mayor Must Go — Now


By J. Matt Barber

Should we make an example of her?


I was born in Waco, Texas, and lived in Houston, so I’ve got a dog in this hunt. Really, we all do.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has disqualified herself from the privilege of serving the people of south Texas.

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Is Climate Hysteria Sustainable?

By Gordon J. Fulks

It was something that was never supposed to happen in climate science where so many are so happy with the vast largesse they receive from American taxpayers in exchange for supporting a politically charged paradigm. But former scientific colleagues from the University of Washington had a remarkable falling out the

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‘LGBT’: The ‘T’ is for Tyranny


By J. Matt Barber

Tranny tyranny. Strike that. “LGBT” tyranny. Lesbian, gay, bisexual tyranny. That, generally speaking, is what’s on display in Houston right now. But trust me: Unlike Vegas, what happens in Houston will, most definitely, not stay in Houston – not if Democrats continue to have their way.

Houstonians elected themselves, as mayor,

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Calgary struggles with summer snowfall…

Early September 2014 — Just a thought. It’s in the Eighties and Nineties in Portland, Oregon, and snowing in Canada. Perhaps illegal aliens are not filling up Canada because they don’t know how to pick fruit in a snowstorm. I myself have worked on West Coast farms, bucking bales, swamping peaches and picking strawberries —

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The Christian Emergency League

By John Kirkwood On September 11th, 1933, a group of 61 German pastors gathered to form ThePfarrernotbund – The Pastor’s Emergency League. Outraged by Nazi incursion into Church affairs and disappointed by the silent pulpits of their peers, men like Martin Niemoller and Dietrich Bonhoeffer forged this covenant so that the light of the

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A Deteriorating Climate?

Al Gore with Fire Breath

By Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D.

With claims of Catastrophic AnthropogenicGlobal Warming growing more desperate by the day, we are supposed to believe that our planet is in dire peril. In fact, the paradigm is in dire peril and that means that the Great Green Money Machine is also in peril.

Even the worst of

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Space Microbes related to White House

Space Microbes

By Larry Leonard

Microbial Life Found Living on Exterior of the International Space Station, say reports.

August, 2014 –This is like the present White House in that there is no evidence of origin. You can’t tell for sure where it came from. It has six legs and a hose nose, so resembles nothing you might

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Media Disrespects Blacks, Palestinians, Itself

Gaza riots

By Art Hyland

“The free world’s liberal media is desperately holding on to its very existence, seeking energy wherever it can to sustain its power”

Gaza riot

The degree to which a Black community in Ferguson, Missouri is shown to react by an enabling media to spontaneous conclusions about an

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