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Larry Leonard

Larry Leonard

By Art Hyland

Larry Leonard passed away on December 15, 2015. He had been in a failing state for about 6 months and for the past year had had to move out of his little place in a remote location in the hills between Portland and the Pacific Ocean to a convalescent home in a

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Oregon: The State That Knows It All

OR Weirdness

by Art Hyland

Dateline Oregon: Year 2078:

A 15 year old makes a call: “Mom . . . I didn’t go to the coast the last couple of days, I’m at a clinic in Portland . . .I’m okay, I feel fine . . . I’ll probably be home today, just wanted to let you

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Cut Off The Oxygen

dollar bill copy

By Art Hyland

Our president recently and publicly singing the words to Amazing Grace doesn’t make him the Christian he claims to be any more than those of the oath of office made him want to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Words are his means to power. Period. And

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Left’s Gifts to Language

By Art Hyland

The chic, Leftist media and political elites have slowly dominated, transformed and debased the Judeo-Christian freedom culture that created and sustained the United States for 225 years. What was isn’t anymore, and what is now isn’t what we think it is either. That’s because the secular/socialist/distributive movement has gradually distorted and replaced

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AstroPhysicist TKOs Portland, OR Warmists

Shangri La

By Art Hyland The following is how we need to combat the idiots and global warming zealots (but I repeat myself). Here in the Northwest where there’s limited sunshine but lots of hydro power, environmentalists are tearing out electricity-producing dams and subsidizing solar power. Only government could be this irrational. – – Ed Comments re:

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Apple’s latest: iGay

Apple Mickey

By Art Hyland

“It was a lot better when Cook was a silent domestic partner rather than Apple’s wife”

With the rollout of the Apple Watch finally happening, one would expect Apple Inc. and its CEO Tim Cook to experience positive publicity once again about its new product and the

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Brian Williams the Canary


By Art Hyland

“. . .anything that can be described can be presented as if it happened because, well, it could have happened, and that’s all that matters.

The story of the Brian Williams saga wherein recorded video descriptions by Williams morphed from having only heard about things that happened to those same

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Global Warming, Global Schooling and Governor CO2

CroMagnon man

By Art Hyland

[Although this is about Washington State, it’s next to Oregon and frankly the two states are like peas in a pod, they think so much alike they might as well combine in order to look even more like California.]

The governor of the State of Washington lives on a hill in a

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Media Disrespects Blacks, Palestinians, Itself

Gaza riots

By Art Hyland

“The free world’s liberal media is desperately holding on to its very existence, seeking energy wherever it can to sustain its power”

Gaza riot

The degree to which a Black community in Ferguson, Missouri is shown to react by an enabling media to spontaneous conclusions about an

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The Shrill is Gone


By Luke Hamilton It is never too early to start planning the completion of a communist coup. We are only midway through Dear Leader’s second term, but the Demokrat primary for the 2016 Presidential election is beginning to take shape. It almost seems as if the party has already abdicated this year’s mid-term election

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Barack Obama of the Starship Enterprise

Capt Picard

By Art Hyland

“Star Trek is where most liberals live in their minds.”

Because of the intoxication that power creates in the minds of too many DC politicians, the drug of power is stronger than any controlled substance because it warps Beltway brains into believing as true things that are the

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Crowd-sourcing the Malaysian plane disappearance

Malaysian airline copy

The internet and of course the pubic media are all exploding with discussions about this subject. But it’s in the internet where the action really is: the billions of interactive discussions and comments, where one or several of which has hit the jackpot, with the lotto winner announcement yet to be made.

The chances

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Not to Impeach is Racist

Lady Justice

by Art Hyland

If there is one thread that weaves throughout the conservative landscape it is this: if Barack Hussein Obama were a Republican, impeachment proceedings would have been seriously considered long ago, and the general mass media would have been providing the grist for it.

Here’s the argument that

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Oregon’s Czar for All Seasons


By Art Hyland

Democrats were ecstatic in 2010 when they learned that ex-Governor Kitzhaber was still willing to run for office again. No reason to vet someone with his liberal experience and history. It was basically anyone but a Republican, something of a mantra in Oregon politics. But it seems that Oregon has

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Obama: Okay, Now It’s Free

Obama and cig copy

Breaking News (AB News Service)

President Obama issued an executive order this morning which declares that all insurance premiums for health care in the United States shall now and hereafter be free. He made this declaration after acknowledging there were just too many problems occurring with respect to the issues surrounding the implementation

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