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Can he be Impeached?

By Larry Leonard

S Dakota Republicans pass resolution demanding Obama impeachment...June 22, 2014 — I have watched the polls, and can tell you that in spite of bottom of the barrel numbers, the president’s base, which is blacks, the wildest socialist greenies and the young is still intact.  I honestly believe he could pass state secrets to 911 conspirators, including, flight instructions for flying commercial airplanes full of passengers, into the new World Trade Center and survive impeachment.

The House does the first part.  But then the trial begins in the senate, and only a shift to the pubbies in this year’s mid-terms can get rid of him.

Honest to God, this man is so tight with the press that he could survive.  They have a deeply emotional, even spiritual connection with the man.  This is because of who is in charge at most big media these days.  People out of the Sixties are in management.  Their youth — everything they stood for, their music, their marches, everything — is on the line for the dream that is Obama.  It is the color of his skin, which freedom riders died for, and his dedication to the goals of Viet Nam, which is losing to the home-nations of the ragged former colonial despots.

Yes, he has the worst record on any topic you can name.  No, he has not lived up to any promise except the ones that call for fundamental change in our government.  Yes, he has proven to be an economic disaster and no, his foreign policy cannot be described as having any value for world peace.  He is supervising the rapid deterioration of jobs in America, security in America, health in America, education in America — even a decent price for gasoline in America.

It’s in part a matter of degrees

Students who have graduated college have mammoth loan debt and no jobs to offer hope for the future.  These billions will go into default and you will be taxed to pay for degrees in social science that are meaningless to the economy and even harmful to the economy.  The pool of investment money that fuels growth is depleted.  Part of that is going to create degrees which are useless to business.  The tax and regulatory rules now in place punish people who have small companies that could grow into a healthy job base.  The number of people who have grown up without a chance to support their family has risen and they daily desert that family to support from government financial aid that is already multi-generational.  Detroit is not an example of bad management to them, but just a place where they learned not to depend on local financial support.   It is an example of the value of federal assistance which unlike local government units, can print and borrow seemingly unlimited funding.

Obama is a Nazi wolf pack of submarines sinking city after city with an onslaught of weapons from massive injections of dependent foreigners to rust belt welfare programs — yet Obama was re-elected and is to this day, telling jokes about patriots to his golf partners.  You can’t touch him because he is black.  The Republicans represent everything he hates and blames for everything he, himself, has screwed up.

Here, in brief, is the package.  I have seen signs of a turn, but if you the people don’t actually turn the beast in the mid-term elections this fall, only a miracle will save your country.  Your economy will float on borrowed money in his last two years in office, and waiting in the wings will be a massive second recession that will haunt this nation for years to come.  Gas prices which will close down the suburbs, which will slaughter new home construction numbers in those areas and further twist cities into sump holes of dependency.  Food prices are jacked up by those gas prices, for food is grown away from the cities and trucked in.  There are winter energy prices that will strangle the winter north.  Summer energy prices that will boil the summer south.  Debt piled on debt that will cause a surge in the bankruptcy rate.

The destruction of the middle class is on the way, and because of the traditional nature of how those people prepare for retirement, the cracking of the stock market into fragile glass shards.  Those in the stock market do not see this threat to long term capital investment.  They do not see this deeply fundamental change.  It will alter the nature of capitalism, itself.

It will alter the nature of freedom, itself, as well.

I see change, but not enough.  Some attitudes are shifting, but faces which should be glancing around in terror are laughing and looking for the next movie star.  God willing, and only because of it, we will survive this.  I see the nation as fragile, and men laughing when they should be quiet and serious.  My life is not without its share of faith in the continuation of the dream that was America.  I recall a time when that dream was alive.

I fear for it, today, for the people who should be voting to defend it, don’t even know it is fragile.  They won’t vote to impeach him, and so he will take their money by force and buy a failed future for all of us.

We has met the enemy and he is him, and us.



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