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Calgary struggles with summer snowfall…

Early September 2014 — Just a thought.  It’s in the Eighties and Nineties in Portland, Oregon, and snowing in Canada. Perhaps illegal aliens are not filling up Canada because they don’t know how to pick fruit in a snowstorm.  I myself have worked on West Coast farms, bucking bales, swamping peaches and picking strawberries — but never during a snowstorm. Clearly there’s a knack to it that white people find hard to learn.  We all know that jobs that white people won’t do are at the heart of the economic problems facing the American West.  The New York Times, a famous East Coast agricultural journal, said so.

I have shoveled snow for pay, so can say that I didn’t find any agricultural products on my scoop.  There must be a trick to it that only Braseros know.  A way of holding the shovel, or something like that.

Snow pears would probably be delicious.  I like cold pears, certainly.

Anyway, however it is done, it’s a new idea, and should provide work white people won’t do all the way to next spring.

So, in the end, once more global warming has demonstrated a need to send all our money to Europe since snow does not have any carbon burden, and this new industry will have to be supported by the Department of Agriculture and Blizzards in Washington D.C.  A trillion in new taxes on states like Wisconsin should cover the cost — and at the same time save northern states in danger of balancing their budgets from using Detroit as an excuse to cut Welfare payments.

All we need now is President Hillary Clinton in the fashion magazines wearing snow boots, and we can all learn how to heel when she tugs on our leash.


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