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Brian Williams the Canary

By Art Hyland

“. . .anything that can be described can be presented as if it happened because, well, it could have happened, and that’s all that matters.

The story of the Brian Williams saga wherein recorded video descriptions by Williams morphed from having only heard about things that happened to those same things actually having happened to or witnessed personally by him is simply an example of life in today’s world of the highly visible Left.  Williams is a political iceberg that holds a whole lot more below the surface.  All of it needs to be exposed if this nation expects to survive in the real world of facts, “truth, justice and the American Way”.  Clark Kent is needed just as Clark Kent.  We don’t need Superman.

Why did Democrat leaders, the carriers of Leftist political philosophy in America transition from the Adlai Stevenson/Moynihan/Humphrey brand of intellectually honesty and principled advocacy to the Ted Kennedy/Clinton/Obama brand of hypocrisy and deceit?

In a nutshell, just as Bill Clinton admitted:  because they could.Williams

And they could if they lied, distorted and embellished themselves, their past, their intentions and their promises.  It worked too, because the American voters are attracted by such actions, especially if sanctioned by their only source of information, the lying Williams (and their network enablers) of the media.  If Williams is willing to lie about himself in public, and he was, then he is equally willing to lie about what he is telling his viewers.  And if he was able to do this successfully, which he was, then his philosophically similar competitors needed to do the same or lose viewership.  So, professional news people became professional actors, and actors read fiction as fact or fact as fiction.  There’s no difference.  Everything is relative, anything that can be described can be presented as if it happened because, well, it could have happened, and that’s all that matters.

I believe the reason the Left (including the Leftists among the Right) chose this path is due precisely to the growth (and intoxication) of the power of the federal government.  As the federal government grew in regulatory bodies, number of laws passed, and most importantly in its willingness to print fiat money (unearned, unsaved and undeserved), power became concentrated; and that’s what the Left always seeks, concentrated power in their hands.

The individual rights ostensibly preserved by the Constitution have been gradually dissolved by a federal system able to be controlled by those who sounded the best to the voters.  And those who sounded best were generally those who embellished their resumes the most – – the Left (again, including the Leftist Right as well).  And voters responded because lies are generally successful.

However, it is encouraging to see the Williams case become the laughing stock it has become because it means the American public still retains a high residual interest in people telling the truth and promoting individual responsibility.  These virtues, so important in the history and success of this nation, still reside within us despite the onslaught of temporal and meaningless relativism and secularism promoted daily by the ubiquitous screens we all watch today.

Yet, how is it that the embellishments, distortions and outright lies of an NBC newsreader/editor merit such wide media attention, public discussion, and humorous derision, while equally obtainable evidence exists in the public domain regarding a much more important person occupying a much more important position:  the presidency of the United States.

To answer this is to beg the question, why isn’t Barack Obama judged in the same manner as anyone else who has occupied the presidency of the United States?  A large number of people are finally admitting he has been given a pass because he’s Black when he should be treated just as Martin Luther King admonished us:  by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.  (Bill Whittle  made this point well, see his fabulous pieces here.)

Barack Obama has lied, distorted and embellished just as much as Brian Williams, perhaps more (“You can keep your…”).  But Williams is just a newsreader.  Obama is President.  This ought to matter to the media moguls of the NYT, WaPost and all the overly liberal alphabet networks.  But it doesn’t because his character is not as important as his color (just as it was at NBC for Williams).  Pretty damning that the majority members of the media are willing to outright discriminate in favor of a highly placed Black politician (or White newsreader) just because of his color.  It seems to me Barack Obama (a “Constitutional Scholar”) has a case to sue these discriminators for not calling for his impeachment since they would have done so for a White president.  That’s just not fair and I hope he follows through on that.  Right after ruining (or, “transforming”) our country.

Well, no, I don’t wish this to happen because there’s still time to fix this right damn now.  Call for impeachment of the colored perpetrator now and rid our nation of the most disingenuous, narcissistic, unpatriotic and racist individual ever to hold the United States presidential office, and make an example of him so it can never happen again.

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