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Biologist: ‘Climate Change’ will force Humans ‘to eat bodies of Dead.’

By Larry Leonard

May 23, 2014 — Well, there is no limit to the garbage the climate crowd is willing to offer.  Not that things can’t get terrible, climate-wise.  After a volcanic eruption in the area of Indonesia, material in the atmosphere reduced solar receptivity on land, generating the very snows that trapped the Donner Party in the California mountains — and they certainly ate their frozen dead.glacier  As to mass starvation due to climate change, that is likely when the next ice age comes along.  In the last eleven of them, the ice has expanded to the 45th parallel of latitude, which in Oregon’s case means near Salem.

Portland was under two miles of ice at the peak of that event.  It is hard to grow vegetables under that sort of thing.  Since Man evolved into our current general shape back then (about 60,000 years ago), and took a while to invent agriculture, the diet was nuts, berries and meat.  Fish and mammal meat if the tools we’ve found mean anything.

And, since all the fields in Canada and half those in the U.S. will be under glaciers, bread and Wheaties will be in low supply.

As to some heating disaster before the next ice age begins, the disaster that would produce is desertification — also a nasty blow to agriculture.  With population control and modern agriculture, the world will survive it.  The odds we’ll do the sane things?  After seventy years on this planet, I estimate a few countries will do them, and the rest will be taken over by thugs, who will serve people from another tribe to the slaves for dinner.

There’s nothing for you to worry about, though.  We’re somewhere near the middle of the current interstice, or natural global warming period, and should shift to global cooling in ten to twenty centuries.  Then, until the glaciers arrive, except for the millions of Canadians fleeing the walls of frozen snow by coming here, things will be nice for at least a thousand years.

The global warming/cooling scare is bunk.  The exception would be the eruption of massive volcanoes, like Yellowstone Park.  They could change things for the worse in a very brief time, and really could bring food production to a halt.

But, just as with the current global climate change scam, there is nothing you could do about it if they fired off.  Man cannot work on the scales involved, in either case.  There are better things to do with the money, but since they would be sensible, I wouldn’t plan on it.

We’ll need luck to survive anything big that turns up.  Better to build up the national structure to deal with real possibilities than this current global farce by the Left.


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