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Big Brother to the Muslims’ Rescue

by Art Hyland

If you queried all Americans right now, most of whom have access in their pockets to the internet virtually 24 hours per day, I would bet the kingdom that less than 2% have seen or even know anything specific about the video/film that is supposed to have touched off the current Mideast Muslim riots and killings.  I tried to find it online, it’s difficult actually, and that was even before our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans were ruthlessly murdered, allegedly because of this video production.

As White House spokesman Jay Carney explained during a press briefing, “This is not a case of protests directed at the United States. .  .  . This is in response to a video that is offensive to Muslims.”

Muslims must really be experts navigating the internet.  And their ability to instantly communicate their browsing discoveries to their brothers in over twenty countries, well, they truly must be much more proficient with Twitter, Facebook, and cell phones than mere Americans.  Who would have thought?

We are supposed to swallow that in an area of the world where poverty and depravity are rampant despite white cloaked sheiks driving the very latest Ferraris, and where billions believe in the 8th century wisdom whereby women are to be owned and treated essentially like cattle, that an obscure American YouTube video depicting Islam’s history as, shall we say, less than perfect, has not only been seen and condemned by your average  Muslim On the Street, but that it then caused hordes of these same young men to organize a plan, gather the necessary weapons and tools, and then locate and assault American embassies in multiple countries throughout the world in the days leading up to none other than the 11th Anniversary of 9/11.

What an incredible sequence of coincidences.

But our President and Secretary of State have decided that’s indeed what happened.

Google, whose two founders are avid Obama supporters, and who are devoted attendees of the annual Burning Man cult festival in the middle of an American desert, provided a map of the violence in the Muslim world (click here or on blue map above), underscoring the idea that it was all caused by  a two-bit  video/film.  It’s the equivalent to believing that a mad goldfish in New York caused cats to attack fishbowls nationwide.

There are reasonable alternatives to believing in goldfish or two-bit videos causing mayhem.  Try reading some grown-up thoughts on this matter such as The Al Qaida Connection  or, The Video Didn’t Do It.  You might find out that the alternative universe that our State Department and President live in is indeed a bit out of touch with the reality on the ground.

This sad, violent affair has been one sorry story after another.  The U.S. is supposed to be the beacon of freedom in a world where freedom is truly a rare commodity.  Yet, when an American amateur  film/video maker (could be anyone reading this) self published a creation on the internet, not only did the U.S. Government formally castigate this as a horrific act of provocation (once they were told it WAS one by non-Americans), they worked relentlessly to find and arrest the film maker in a midnight raid, and then photograph the sensational and timely arrest for publications world-wide.

Our crack U.S. team of Alphabet Soup Investigative Acronyms, acting at the direction of the President of the United States,  found this man forthwith, which arrest provided national relief to all Americans and lovers of freedom world-wide.  Lesson:  no one posting on YouTube or otherwise can be allowed to risk the world’s fate without suffering the consequence of immediate U.S. Government repercussions.  Big Brother will not tolerate this.  Thirty Minute Hate to follow.  See 1984 action live today, as depicted by a Power Line spoof here (click on  picture):

Well, we have shown the Muslim World we mean business.  Our prompt action will certainly be met with immediate cessation of violence by Muslims against Americans.  I haven’t checked the news the last two hours or so, but I’m sure this whole Mideast affair is yesterday’s news by now.  Thanks, Mr. President.  You’re my kind of guy.  And let Ms. Hillary know she’s the best too.  Both of you deserve praise for listening to and learning from Vice President Joe (The Owl) Biden.  You all knew he’d come in handy with his Gravitas.  Good Job!

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