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Big Bird isn’t Funny

October 9, 2012 — Romney said he will defund Public Broadcasting. Why would he want to do that? Because like millions of Americans, he doesn’t like taxpayer financing via borrowing Chinese money to fund programming that on its own is fat with income. And, he doesn’t like much of the rest of what they do there either. Here’s an old Oregon Magazine piece:

Ken’s “Congress”

It is about some American History PBS aired.  It was made by Ken Burns, one of the most famous documentary historians in the world.  It was approved by virtually all professors of American history in virtually all major and perhaps 90% of al minor American colleges and universities.  It totally distorted the history it claimed to present so factually.

It received boatloads of “prestigious” awards. To the PBS crowd, Burns is a god.

If you’ve already used the link and read it, you now know that his documentary was a piece of crap. This statement may be fairly made about any such program made by that network, including the Evening News, which practices the same techniques each week night throughout the year.

The topic might be global warming, which is happening, and is the reason why New York City or Portland, Oregon are not presently under two miles of ice. These temperature changes have been happening for at least the last million years on Earth. During that period, there have been from eleven to twenty ice ages. Each one has been followed by global warming. There is no geological evidence that any of the interstices that followed the deep cooling periods were caused by SUVs, corporate smokestacks or incorrectly set thermostats — because no such things as thermostats, SUVs or smokestacks existed on Earth until this present warm period.

This deserves a repeat: dozens of ice ages with dozens of global warming periods and not one of them was man-caused, period — primarily because our species if it was even here, yet, made a living with stone tools at the time. This current warm period, in fact, happened without a single SUV existing on the planet. Two miles of ice melted off Portland before the first automobile appeared on the planet.

But, when PBS discusses the topic, their coverage or documentaries are riddled with references to Man Caused Climate Change? Those Americans whose brains have not been made useless by our present union-dominated public education systems ask why the undeniable facts above are not presented as the only verifiable way to observe the situation.  Here is the answer: the truth does not meet the requirements of the Left’s political goals, which is socialism.  But you say you’re not a socialist? You say that you are a liberal, and that is very different.

Wrong. There is no difference in kind. Just in degree. If you remain stupid enough to keep giving away your freedom, and agree to pay them while they’re taking it, they’ll give you all the rope you need.

Marx sad, “Everything is political.”

Everything must be turned into a political tool that can be used to centralize power over the people. Not power to the people, but power over the people. PBS, in the name of socialist code words like the environment, justice, fairness and so forth, is a full time participant in the Left’s drive to achieve total federal control of every aspect of American life. Total control of every American’s life. Every piece of property. Every dime you earn. It is the Constitutional right of the left to campaign for such a nation. It is not their right to tax you to pay for their campaign. In particular, Romney shivers at the thought of borrowing these subsidies from the Communists in China. Yes, it isn’t all that much money when compared to some government expenditures, but as the man said, “A million here and a million there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.” Now, it’s a billion here and a billion there, of course, but the principle is the same.

Everything PBS presents is slanted toward that goal. The first stage is Euro-socialism. Then, it gets worse. Even if they honestly don’t believe they’re doing it — refuse to believe that they are members of a horde of grasshoppers marching across the amber fields of grain — it’s true. In any event, Romney doesn’t like the idea of public tax dollars being used to fund that kind of propaganda.

What Barak Obama and a legion of other socialists have been treating as humor since Romney said it in the first presidential debate is not funny. They’re doing it to distract voters from Obama’s giant loss in the debate. It keeps them clear of having to discuss their record. But, it is just another version of what I’ve been explaining here and have been explaining in this magazine for many years.

The two kinds of lies

You can lie to people in two ways. One is direct, the other is by way of omission. In the Ken’s Congress link above, you read how PBS used the omission of facts to shape something into propaganda. In their discussions of Climate Change, they use opinion (not statement of hard scientific fact) to generate public fears that will allow baseless regulatory rules to increase government control over all aspects of your existence. Regardless of the topic, the perennial take of PBS is of this sort. There is no balance on PBS, at all. It is not representative of American values as such programming should be. It is pure Leftist bias. It is representative of only one narrow American value system, so charges all Americans for views only some American socialists and what Stalin called “dupes” hold dear.

Such views must not be financially supported by general taxation. Take PBS private and let those who love it finance it. If I were Romney, I would eliminate the tax-free elements, including for corporate support, as well. That’s the law. The principle product of any tax-free organization must not be partisan political information. Educating children about the U.S. Constitution is one thing. What PBS does is quite another.

Romney is absolutely correct. Sesame Street (worth $400,000,000 as of today) and earning millions each year that passes, isn’t funny and doesn’t need to be funded by the government. This coming election is critical because we’re about to go over a financial cliff. The world is, as it always has been, a dangerous place. The national energy sector is tottering in some fuels. The economy is generating the collapse of cities. If the choice is giggles from a television show or the strength of the U.S. Military, the best thing for the children is a safe America. Most of the voters in Oregon live in Sixties fairy tale worlds. For decades they have been compassionately shaping a terrible future for their own descendants, and they had better grow up.

Look up the meaning of the word “priority.” Do it for the children. Kids who are free, and have a future free to pursue their own happiness are more important than giggling little government dependents wearing a Mao cap.


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