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Benghazi Fiction

By Art Hyland

He was the President, a position with the highest command authority in the history of the world, but the community organizer went to bed.

[What follows is speculation of what took place in the days before and after the attack in Libya, by the Obama campaign, the Clinton State Department and the Administration.  It’s plausible because everything these people do is fraught with the ultimate fictional possibilities of power at any cost.]

Back in September of 2012, the presidential election was heating up, and Republican Mitt Romney was seriously looking like he could beat the sitting president.  His campaign was successfully tying Obama to the terrible condition of an economy  hopelessly stalled as a direct result of four years of failed stimuluses, Obamacare, and regulatory morass.  An Obama defeat would mean not just the end for Obama, it would kill Hillary’s subsequent waltz into the office and perhaps the demise of the Democrat power structure.  The Obama campaign needed to change the election momentum, something to distract the voting public’s attention.  And Hillary, now with title, had to continue to pretend she was in charge of foreign policy.

Although the idea of an October Surprise is a political concept so publicly understood it is given a term of its own, to a presidential campaign run by Chicago do-whatever’s-necessary street fighters, it was always an option.  Any such distraction had to be without campaign fingerprints, which caution was possibly the only difference between operating in Washington D.C vs. Chicago.

Europe had seen several years of youthful Muslim uprisings,  because of the clash between the Western European and Muslim cultures.  Europe may be known for tolerance, but beneath that facade are centuries of national, ethnic traditions.  Including independent expression.  A French publication called Charlie Hebdo, which in 2011 published a popular edition “guest edited” by none other than “Mohammed” himself resurrected the humorously-intended Danish cartoon furor, and the predictable happened:  Muslims fire-bombed the publisher’s office, and riots ensued.  This wasn’t lost on the Obama campaign.  If tiny publications could incite Muslims in Europe, generating a targeted disturbance in the mideast would be a piece of cake.

The  2012 revolutionary mobs in Egypt responsible for what had been labeled the Arab Spring became extra irritated, we were told by the press, by an obscure internet video starring Mohammad in the early days of September.  That this video, the “Innocence of Muslims,” among hundreds of millions on YouTube, was given air time on Arab tv stations begs the question as to how an amateur YouTube production could possibly have been spontaneously noticed by the Arab broadcast market, unless it was helped along by those intimately familiar with how things go viral in media markets.

Who knows more about this process than anyone else?  None more than the creators of some of the most dominating online and social media on earth.  Just consider the list of high-tech billionaire Obama supporters and you can ponder the connections they have to introduce an inquiring presidential campaign to some of the most technically competent nerds in the world.  It was well-known that an Egyptian Google executive was reported to have been deeply involved with the Arab Spring itself as there was ample evidence that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. played an important part in the revolutionary activities within Egypt.  Administrative operatives who chose to strategically promote the aforementioned video (including that it was American-made), had calculated it to be enough for which to blame any ensuing riot against a conveniently available American embassy, but lame enough to be able to plausibly deny any connection to the U.S. government.  A riot that involves the embassy could be handled presidentially by a fully-prepared campaign..er…presidential administration.  In other words, cause a foreign embassy firestorm, but one that would be controlled:  it would be an ideal opportunity to turn around a faltering domestic campaign from defense to offense.   The scapegoat YouTube video could be condemned publicly, assuring its importance to the world, while promoting the Obama/Hillary government as disgusted with such blasphemy.  And if Romney reacted in any way, he was to be castigated as a babe in the woods compared to Obama.

While the Cairo Surprise occurred as planned (and Romney was indeed vilified by the press), what the campaign did not contemplate was a simultaneous attack on an embassy compound in Libya.  At first it was probably considered a gift; they couldn’t have planned a continuing campaign diversion better if they had done it themselves.  However, what seemed in its early hours a typical Arab riot like in Egypt, turned against them when a terribly inconvenient, bad luck (campaign) event took place: our American ambassador was killed.  This changed everything.  Suddenly this was an international event of major proportion; the game plan had to be altered on the fly.  Hillary would have to play a larger part of the deception than anticipated.  The Obama re-election campaign and the Hillary-next campaign were now fully engaged together.

The Obama administration (including Obama himself) had to have known immediatley that the boys in Benghazi and Tripoli had labeled it an attack by Al Qaeda terrorists.  (The campaign would have been alerted right away.  It’s quite possible they were in the Situation Room.  With the Obama campaign history, that may have been their assigned office.)  There must have been a gasp within the campaign’s bowels; OMG, we must contain this disaster in order to preserve the successful image of Obama being in control over foreign policy and events in the mideast.  The War on Terror had been declared over–Obama had dispatched bin Laden–so an Al Qaeda attack in Libya resulting in an American ambassador killed was a major hurdle for the campaign.  This was a time for leadership when that was never considered a requirement.  When the campaign’s wizards googled for answers, nothing felt lucky.  Their dilemma was shared by their leader–someone gifted at stirring things up, but who always faded to the shadows when action got hot.  He was the President, a position with the highest command authority in the history of the world, but the community organizer went to bed.  “Handle it people, I’ve got a busy schedule tomorrow.”

So a quick but immature decision was made by the campaign, with Hillary’s opaque consent, to continue using the obscure video as the formal excuse for the Libya event.  Just as in Egypt, it was to be called a spontaneous protest, not a terrorist attack, and everyone connected with the Benghazi event had to disappear until well after the election.  The campaign was clearly in over its head with too many unknowns, unable to distinguish which were facts and which was fiction.

You can see how all of this happened.  The campaign, a process more important than any other activity surrounding Obama, required that everything happening in the world must first be filtered through its lens, massaged by the campaign, controlled by the campaign, a process Obama himself relished.  As mistakes began to pile up each followed by attempts to anticipate reactions by the press and the Romney campaign, an evolving coverup had to be initiated to preserve the status quo until the November election.  Controlling Chicago was never like this.  Political risks had suddenly escalated, so hiding the details until well after re-election became the overriding goal.  Any and all resulting political eruptions occurring after the election victory would be handled with the familiar and formidable powers of the presidency.

With the information we now have as a result of  the Gregory Hicks’ testimony in front of a special House hearing on May 8, 2013, we now know the Obama administration, the CIA, the State Department, Hillary, and certainly the people on the ground in Libya–they all knew– the killing of our American ambassador was not a result of the video excuse provided and repeated by the Obama/Hillary administration.  But now, more important is the coverup (it’s always the coverup) and how high that decision went.

Obama will feign ignorance because his permanent campaign makes sure he delegates all responsibility for negative publicity in advance.  What he said to do or not do that fateful night should ultimately be revealed, but won’t.  It would with men and women who had at least a shred of love for our country.  Nixon, for all his faults, had deep respect for the office and the history surrounding it, and therefore surrendered to his inner voice.  Obama’s inner voice is behind the mirror; it tells him he’s never been part of this country. His imagined destiny is transforming it.  History, traditions, founding fathers, Constitution…none of it matters to a community organizer from nowhere, with allegiance only to himself.

There were some of us regular folks, a lot of us, who knew better right from the time Obama agreed to be a presidential candidate in 2007.  We had long ago pegged Obama and the people who comprised and advised his campaign and later his administration, starting with David Axlerod:  they did whatever was necessary to elect him and to preserve and expand their power.  (Which is why this article, written Sept. 17, 2012, wrote itself.)

Sadly, the successful Obama/Hillary coverup eliminated what could have been a Romney-led period of America’s recovery of its soul.  However, realists that we all must be, Obama is still the President.  And the people who made that happen are still in power right now and for the foreseeable future.  But if they determine they are cornered in any serious way, watch out.  For a presidency in permanent campaign mode, and Hillary being prepared for the crown, October Surprises are any month in the year, any hour in the day.   We need to be alert to publicity deflections the likes of which have never been seen, whether it’s IRS/Tea Party disclosures, or another international explosion.  Any major political or economic events where either Obama or Hillary becomes a savior will be counterfeit.  Anything that appears coincidental should be suspected as engineered.  This is a very dangerous time for our nation, for the free world.  Freedom lovers and patriots must be especially vigilant if we have any chance of eliminating the disease and corruption that has taken hold of our nation.

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