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Behind Harry Reid: Les Irresponsibles

By Art Hyland

One wonders. Well, I wonder, anyway. Did Mr.Harry Reid buy any Christmas gifts this past season? Has Mr. Reid reviewed his own bank accounts, wherever they are, decided to make any new investments recently, or perhaps reviewed any trusts he or his family have established? Do you suppose he compared his own income to the expenses he incured to see if the bills for which he is personally responsible were adequately covered?

I wonder about such things because it is apparent Mr. Reid does not have any of those concerns as the Majority Leader of the Senate, which has assumed total responsibility (or not) for the expenditures of this nation.  The same nation whose responsible citizens are just now receiving their credit card bills for the millions of Christmas (or Winter Holiday) gifts they purchased.

Those same responsible citizens are truly wondering about their own bank accounts, reviewing their own investments, their own trusts, and of course are having to compare their own expenses with their actual, limited revenues. I know the responsible citizens of this country are doing this because I am one of them, and I know many others doing likewise. It used to be sort of an American thing to do.

What I don’t know–and no one knows–is how does the largest financial entity in the history of the world–controlled by one man, Mr. Harry Reid–expect to operate without responsibly paying its Christmas bills, without reviewing its bank accounts, without reviewing its investments or the trusts it has set up for its hundreds of millions of its citizens, or without comparing its expenses with its revenues?

Who’s Head, Who’s Behind?

Did I miss something or someone? Perhaps the President?  No, not at all, because we’ve been told and we’ve observed over the past four years that our president leads from behind, which means he merely has to react to what Mr. Reid is doing. Maybe he just watches Harry’s ass, like any buggy driver must. Or not watch, as the case may be. It’s not his job to control the Senate, besides, he has other things on his mind, and the Washington D.C. media is fine with that.

Today it’s guns. Yesterday it was Hurricane Sandy. Earlier it was the meanie who ran Bane Capital. Tomorrow’s focus will be some other social media-controlled subject of the day which makes it to the Trending List alongside Honey Boo Boo and the like.

The government of our United States, for which its citizens past and present have relied upon to ensure Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, is falling apart before our very eyes, and its so-called leaders are engaged in everything except that which will preserve what’s left of this nation.

Our leaders: Les Irresponsibles

Trips to Hawaii to attend a funeral of a senator, or frolic in the warm waters there? No problem. Whirling around the world to represent our foreign policy interests? No problem. I’m not just talking about the President. A cast of millions–Les Irresponsibles– whose costly activities are paid by or guaranteed by the above responsible citizens, have made countless trips to scenic paradises the merely responsible in this nation cannot consider visiting.

When you think that for every dollar Les Irresponsibles spend on those trips to sandy beaches forty percent is borrowed–to be paid whenever/however/if ever, does it occur to you just why you’re willing to fill out another federal tax return, why it’s necessary to think about paying those real estate tax payments due shortly, or if you’re an employer, to make those quarterly payroll-tax payments? It’s so much easier to feel the sand between your toes and spend someone else’s money in so doing.

No wonder store shelves of ammunition are being emptied these days; or those in the business of selling stored or dried food are doing well. Responsible citizen self-preservation hasn’t seen such heights since World War II, which, if history is still important, was a rather novel exercise.

Les Irresponsibles are joined by the people who elected them: Les Uninformables, Les Obamaphoneables, Les Facebookables and Les Twitterables. This group added up to slightly more than the acclaimed “47%” figure, at least the official count did, whether or not it was accurate. The electorate spoke, the count was counted, and Les Irresponsibles won.

One wonders. Well, I wonder anyway: what will we be doing a year from now? Or ten years from now. But that’s the kind of question only responsible people ponder. And in today’s world of instant gratification, and instant messaging, Les Irresponsibles don’t contemplate such things.  And they’re in charge.  Happy New Year everyone.

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