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Barley’s Angels Stage Educational Beer Bust

Decanting with Delkin

By Fred Delkin

We were fortunate to be invited to a seminar recently that surpassed most in our checkered career. Barley’s Angels were the hostesses, and  near Independence, OR was the site. The Angels are a group founded last year in Portland to advance the cause of craft beer consumption by females of our species. As its constitution states, this “is not just a social, beer-drinking club for women…Barley’s Angels respect beer and brewing, have a thirst for education, enjoy beer responsibly…”. This is already a global group, with chapters in Argentina, Australia, Canada, UK and the USA. Chapters may only be founded by women. The Angels manifesto declares that “it is time to combat crap brews, and get women all over the world enjoying incredible artisan ales & lagers.”

How appropriate that this convention and seminars were staged at a farmstead supplying the brewing industry, a property declaring itself a proud element of the “Rogue Nation.” We’ve credited the McMenamin brothers with building a Pacific Northwest network of brewpub-related properties and now we recognize that a pair of University of Oregon fraternity brothers (Jack Joyce and Bob Woodell) have followed the same path with brewpubs in Portland, Eugene, Astoria and San Francisco and then upping the ante with a hopyard/conference center and a Tygh Valley, OR barley farm. The Rogue empire began with facilities in Newport Or which include a public house and extensive brewing and storage plants.

Back to the Angels’ event, with two days featuring: a travelogue slide show narrated by Teri Fahrendorf on the subject of ‘Craft Beer Vacations’, a hopyard & hop processing tour by hopyard manager Natacha Cronin, a glassware and book signing by Portland craft beer celebrity Lisa Morrison, a Farmstead brewery tour & tasting by Natascha’s brewer husband Josh, a seminar by Julia Herz on pairing food with beer, a tasting & talk conducted by Christine Jump and even a product demonstration by Farmland Soap founder Tammy Taggart, with distribution of various body care items made with craft beer as a key ingredient.

The Rogue Nation hop farm/conference center includes overnight accommodations in a restored six bedroom farmhouse built in 1912. The grounds are well-populated by domestic fowl and pot belly pigs. Buildings include a microbrewery, hop cooler, hop kiln, hop picking plant and a hop bailing facility.
There is a sweeping greensward bordered by Chateau Rogue-a beer & booze (yes, Rogue now also distills rum, gin, vodka & whiskey) enjoyment center that includes a showroom for branded memorabilia items.

Underlying Rogue’s considerable investment in crafting and serving a spectrum of alcoholic beverages is a finely tuned sense of humor evident in all facets of the operation. Visit rogue.com for a primer on all things Rogue.

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