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Barack Obama of the Starship Enterprise

By Art Hyland

“Star Trek is where most liberals live in their minds.”

Because of the intoxication that power creates in the minds of too many DC politicians, the drug of power is stronger than any controlled substance because it warps Beltway brains into believing as true things that are the antithesis of truth. Combining political power with the art of propaganda produces legislative bill titles that declare nirvana has been passed, with nothing short of human perfection to follow.

At the pinnacle of this distorted sense of political serenity lies our current president.obama straight on

“You can keep your insurance – – you can keep your doctor,” may indeed have been statements Mr. Obama and the Democrats rationalized as true during campaign speeches deflecting criticism for the “Affordable Care Act,” whether or not staffers told them it might not be the case.  They believe their own propaganda, just as Bill Clinton believed he did not have sex with that woman.  Publicly distorting truth has become the accepted norm.

Even today, despite facts that prove otherwise, Mr. Obama still believes what he said WAS true IF what he said when he said it were examined under the conditions HE considered at the time.  It goes like this:

Circumstances change and problems that occurred since his campaign declarations are after the fact distortions of the reality he knew to be the case at that time; the outcomes he described would have occurred but for alterations to the process he outlined as operational.  Mistakes in carrying out the plan are not his fault; he knew there would be hiccups by those of lesser abilities.ET moon copy

Nevertheless, he undoubtedly anticipated :  “Well, if people fail in their efforts to properly execute the plan, I can always issue an executive order, or describe the ensuing circumstances well enough to produce the ultimate objective as I see it.  I can create the conditions that will cause it to be as I wish it to be.”  For this president, Obamacare, Benghazi, Amnesty For Illegals, Climate Change, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, stifling Regulatory Control all share the same common denominator:  fiction shaped into perceived reality on command.

“Make it so,” as Star Trek Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise would often command, is how Obama sees himself as president.  In fact, Star Trek is where most liberals live in their minds.  Capt PicardThe Federation (the government authority) is omnipotent, but even so, the Captain knows more than everyone at times, and exercising his decision-making in concert with an absolute, conceited certainty he is correct in almost everything he does.  If a serious problem surfaces such as IRS targeting of conservative organizations, he dismisses it as a “boneheaded” lapse that others (but not he) make from time to time.  In daily practice he believes he’s almost incapable of making a mistake because he knows more than anyone else in the room, more than any of his advisors, and certainly more than the populace over whom he rules with the grace and dignity only he can fully appreciate.

We should be so happy to have as a president someone who knows exactly what to do at precisely the correct time to do it, and is willing to sacrifice time with his family and friends to accept the responsibilities of the job of running the United States of America.  Into the ground.

The Press is the Problem

It’s more than time this charade, this balloon is popped.  Obama’s “15 minutes of fame” has been extended well past its sell-by date by a media who normally allows milliseconds.  But with a Black man they discovered, fertilized, publicized, promoted and currently worship, they are finding it impossible to admit their colossal error in judgment because they too collectively have the same issue as Obama himself:  they believe that by declaring Obama’s presidency a success, that THEY are a success.  Their and Obama’s utter failures are a self-fulfilling process that is bubbling up to be an historic, world-shattering event they can neither cover nor repair because they are all in it together.

ConstitutionIt would be reassuring if those in a position to do it, deflate or pop this bubble before it explodes.  The 2012 presidential election was theoretically the civilized opportunity for the electorate to do so, but politics is no longer civilized in an age of political power cemented by technologically advanced propaganda.

Perhaps an explosion will be the only way to eliminate the federal bureaucratic and political morass in order for ordinary citizens to once again hold the power as written into that founding document, the Constitution . . .

. . . where once again and hopefully forever we become a nation of laws and not of men.  Where individuals and the states in which they reside collectively control their own destinies, their lives, their futures, and those of their children.

Pray to God to “make it so.”  He’s the only one who can.

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