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Ancient Chinese Curse: May You Live in Interesting Times

 By Larry Leonard

November 11, 2012 — The Chinese built the Great Wall to keep out invaders.  I do not know if “interesting” was a satirical reference.  Wry humor, perhaps.  But the word was here intended to describe rape, murder, theft and so forth.  They defined peace as being able to grow your food and raise your family without mass bloodshed and other destruction.

These are interesting times in the United States of America, what with Europe descending into economic chaos and riots, the Middle-East turning into a mass production and distribution center for IED’s, every nation from the Baltic to the China Sea and N. Korea either exporting military arms or importing American jobs, half the nations of South America depopulating by exporting their poor to us — and God only knows what is happening south of Egypt, these days. Even Australia has gone lefty.

Canada, which just reduced taxes and is fracking for gas and oil, is about the only safe and prosperous large nation left on the planet.

You take us, for example

Obama and the Senate won the other day, Wall Street has lost at least 3% of its value and is still heading south. (I can’t prove it but suspect capital is leaving this nation like the 1% in France (heading to Belgium) after their new socialist president announced he wanted the tax rates on the rich to go to 75%.  North Korea’s people are starving, but that’s not news.  They’ve been starving ever since they went socialist, which is why they invaded South Korea in the Fifties and have been threatening to do it again, ever since.

Socialism always flops.  Freedom and capitalism with the fewest possible limits always succeeds.

But us?  Yes, us.  A sudden surge of big corporate layoffs has popped up.  The usual surge of holiday part-time employment may not generate a jobs uptake, this year, after all.  Oh, some kind of surge will happen, but probably won’t be enough to jack the numbers up.  They may, in fact, go down.  It’s the old “trying to fill a well with a teaspoon”  effect.

It seems logical that American business would realize what the reelection of Obama and the Democrat Senate would do, though watching them during the election it seemed they didn’t.  I’ve wondered for years why people think that big business is in bed with the evil Republicans capitalist pig (sixties term)  when their campaign donation numbers clearly show a shockingly large percentage of them sleep with Democrats.  Over the long-term, crony capitalism is national economic suicide.  Without competition you get products that don’t work and cost ten times what they should.  The only government operation that isn’t like the current recovery mess from Hurricane Sandra is the military.  When just told to go win a war, and left alone to do it, the military does the job.

Government, regardless of size has to do with monopolies.  You only have one Defense department, one treasury and so forth.  In the private sector you have organizations competing in the same area.  Shoe companies compete with shoe companies.  But, in lefty nations the government thing can happen. One shoe company can get the official nod, and competition ends.  That’s what happened when the extreme left socialists called “fascists” in Germany signed up for the Third Reich. When Hitler took over, so it was survival, I guess.  Any old port in a storm.

A brief aside: Lord, but what a legion of surprised readers must gasp every time I call liberals nothing but weak fascists. (Read: people who haven’t got total dictatorial political power, yet.)  That gap in your knowledge begins with the schools.  The modern and revised texts are stuffed with revisionist junk, of course.  But the stuff written before the crap that is now taught in modern schools is quite clear.  Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler, you’re talking about dictatorial, total federal government control of the schools, the media, the law and the means of production.  (Fascism was  shifted from the liberals to the conservatives after the photos of the WWII death camps came out.  That’s why you think the Nazis — fascism — were a right-wing thing.  You are supposed to think that.)

Back to the main theme: Government meddling in the economy.  I mean, look what is already happening so few days after the 2012 election.  From the stock market to the jobs area, America is coming apart.  You think Obama’s green energy crusade is going to disappear because he has noticed that the cost-vs-return ratio of that move was about as profitable as buying into a green horse and buggy company would be in L.A. these days?

Just as an aside, if the East Coast had during hurricane Sandy been powered by roof-mounted solar cell panels (any size roof, including stadiums), tidal buoy and wind electricity generators from General Electric, what would have been the result?  What if Obama had gotten his wish for electric highway vehicles, battery-powered by law. How do you think folks and factories would be doing, right now, after their cars ran flat? Specifically, how long when compared to good old gas and coal would it be before things were back to normal, there?  Three years?  Five?

How long does it take to replace a million solar panels? What would it take to replace the roofs or shingles that you need to put those cells up in the first place?   How long to replace all that wave damage to the buoys?  How long to rebuild a four-story metal  windmill with forty-foot blades that snapped when the storm blew through?  How long does it take to rebuild ten thousand of them?

That thought never occurred to you until now, did it?  Life has invaded your green fantasy, it seems.  If you voted Democrat, that, my friends, is exactly what you will one day experience.  It’s what you deserve for living life according to hippie bumper sticker slogan narratives in your favorite Hollywood global warming disaster tripe.  It’s a good idea to look before you leap, perhaps.

And then, there’s government stuff in the shadows

The unions will demand their payoff.  One will be a version of card check, which means the end of privacy in the voting booth.  Another will be a few words omitted from the Taft-Hartley Act.  Taft is a famous political name.  One of them was the President of the United States.  I don’t remember who Hartley was.  Anyway this tiny, probably not mentioned by the MSM, item will have to do with eliminating  certain rights. No more of these state’s rights to allow workers to choose whether or not they want to be a member of a union.  It’ll be join or no job when those lights go out in Georgia.  There will be no “right to work” laws anywhere in America.  Jimmy Hoffa will be dug up from a football field in Chicago, shipped to Washington, D.C., mummified in the belly button of a two-hundred foot tall bronze Karl Marx with the dome of Congress under his crotch.

ObamaCare will destroy the world’s greatest medical system.  Sixteen ounce soft drinks will be banned in Oregon’s Alvord desert, even if you die trying to cross. The military will be crippled. (Oh, how the dudes from the Sixties hate the military, still.) Welfare will double or triple, again. Free Speech will be battered, big business will resemble a government bureaucracy, small business will be crushed by regulations, the urban part of America will begin to decay and dissolve, personal property will be punished and in the end you will need papers to cross the border between Oregon and Washington.

And all this without even mentioning the suicidal annual deficit and the suicidal national debt.

All that is standing, this very day, blocking what you just read is the U.S. House of Representatives. They can’t do much if anything about regulations and executive orders, but they can block legislation.  For a while, anyway, the will.  But the hammering they’re going to get from here to, at least, 2014, will be titanic.  The MSM and their fellow travelers in “higher” education will join the Senate and the White House in loud condemnation and blaming for every bad thing that they, themselves actually cause, with raised fists and bellowing mouths.  In fact, it has already begun.

It ain’t the right-wingers that want to turn left, folks.  Their definition of freedom and prosperity is smaller government, less spending and fewer regulations on the economic powerhouse America has been and could be, again.  But, if the House gets tired of the hate and weakens, or if you in another election take it from the conservatives, hell on wheels will emerge from the socialist/fascist cave like Sherman marching to the sea, leaving disaster in the wake (all in the name of equal justice, of course).  You will find disaster down that road. A Chinese curse made of interesting times.  And, because you voted for it, you did it to yourself, and  will deserve it.


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