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Anarchy (or not) for Christmas

By Art Hyland

“Why is it we fought against tyrannical, socialist enemies (during hot and cold wars) only to systematically and gradually adopt the same senseless governing philosophies. . .”

It’s possible that some of the most well-adjusted people in the world belong to the Mafia. And why not, given that normal, external rules and convention are completely ignored in favor of doing, and getting by with whatever it takes to get the job done. If it means bribery, extortion, or threatening to kill, that’s just part of their routine measures of “persuasion.” Their lifestyle works so well they have little reason to doubt their own sense of well-being. Of course they might occasionally worry about rivals who want to take their place, but that’s what territorial agreements are for, with rare disputes between neighboring brethren lasting only as long as the lives of the losing rivals. I meant Politicians rather than Mafia.

When law and order is whatever one says it is at any given moment, politicians are indeed free-spirited, unshackled, able to appear very well-adjusted. Some, maybe most are easily and understandably driven toward narcissism because they have virtually no reason to self-doubt their abilities, their authority or their power to make their world what they wish it to be.

Enter Barack Obama.

“He was handed his life on a silver platter.” Wasn’t that how George W. Bush was constantly described by the Left? Yet in a classic result of liberal projection, the Left found and promoted a person who precisely fit their definition of an unearned, privileged leader: Obama, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii in private schools, taught by his mom and mentors that America was an oppressor of people like him, able to smoothly but stealthily advance from one university to another culminating with an affirmative-actioned degree at Harvard – – thereby awarded the pinnacle of educational supremacy – – and advanced in politics by skewering opponents rather than demonstrating accomplishments. He was and is exactly as the Left described George Bush, who was and remains pretty much exactly the opposite.

Mark Twain and Will Rogers both examined and excoriated politicians of their day in some of the most amusing descriptions imaginable, to the point where their humorous characterizations of politicians have become trite but accurate to this day. Our decades of cultural laughter over their famous words and routines has unfortunately helped to camouflage the growth and danger of a dominating political class in this nation. This domination, aided and abetted by print, network and movie media enablers, has duped the citizens of this country into thinking our government is the source and dispenser of citizen rights and authority. Our Constitution has been shape-shifted into a small c word, by virtue of the arrogance of politicians and their powerful bureaucracies controlling an ever-meek citizenry dumbed-downed enough to not know they have the legal authority and control the politicians do not.

The United States citizenry has been bribed, extorted and killed in just about every sense and meaning just as if a Mafia organization were in control of this nation. Tell me the difference between fraud and social security. Tell me the difference between extortion and Obamacare: it monopolizes the product, requires everyone to participate whether or not they want or need to, the states were bribed to participate by means of grants, it pretended to be one thing but was in fact another (if you like your insurance or doctor you can keep your insurance or doctor, blah, blah, blah), and there is no escape because Luigi (the IRS) will ensure you pay.

If all this and more has been working you into a mental frenzy, that’s good because what we need right now, or sooner, is a citizenry mad enough to say they are now going to make their own rules by which to live. Taxes? Why should we pay those to thieves and bloodsuckers? Licenses? What are they other than government means to control my activities and thoughts? Money? What good is it if it can be multiplied by the trillions at a push of a computer key?

Freedom? Now that’s something worth fighting to retain (no need to acquire); it’s not government that makes us free, WE THE PEOPLE reserved all powers not specifically delegated to the government (Amendment X).

So it is, we live in interesting times. Technology has been developed by and because of capitalism guaranteed and aided by governmental systems that preserved our freedom to think, work and create to the best of our abilities. Why is it we fought against tyrannical, socialist enemies (during hot and cold wars) only to systematically and gradually adopt the same senseless governing philosophies of those past enemies? It makes no sense and it makes those of us who know better as patsies and shadow citizens. We need to push back, educate our ignorant, silent or hostile neighbors one way or another because the goose that laid the golden eggs our ancestors enjoyed but also fought with their blood is dying right before our eyes. The “Tyranny of the Status Quo” must not continue, and if enough of us do our individual effort to fix this departure from what is our right and privilege as Americans, we can have it all: freedom and the pursuit of happiness that our children and their children deserve.

Congress: if you have any sense of what is described above, you will pass legislation and fight with every power you have to ELIMINATE laws and regulations now on the books. We don’t need any more stinking laws, rules or regulations; we need to eliminate, terminate, and by any means necessary obliterate the bureaucracy and sclerotic institutions that go by acronyms most Americans have no interest in paying for. Just say no to continued funding of anything for which the Constitution does not specifically authorize by We The People. If you refuse to do this, you will be replaced. If you continue to refuse, you’ll get anarchy for a Christmas present, sooner or later.

We want to be the well-adjusted people once again, you know, the ones who are your bosses but want to go about our businesses and families without having to think or worry about government much at all, the way it used to be and the way it ought to be. Tell Luigi he’s history and needs to go back to grinding sausages, something productive for both him and our economy. You don’t know what we like or want to do, so stop trying and stop enabling those who think that way. We know there isn’t a Santa Claus. Please don’t conflate him for our Constitution.

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