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An Army of Climate Cons

Retired military officers deeply involved in the climate change movement — and some in companies positioned to profit from it — spearheaded an alarmist global warming report this month that calls on the Defense Department to ramp up spending on what it calls a man-made problem.

The report, which the Obama administration immediately hailed as a call to action, was issued not by a private advocacy group but by a Pentagon-financed think tank that trumpets “absolute objectivity.” The research was funded by a climate change group that is also one of the think tank’s main (sources).Time c ch

The climate change subject interests us a great deal at Oregon Magazine.  Changing weather is a big deal in this corner of the planet.  East of the Cascades, you have snow or desert hot.  But the farm and timber lands west of the Cascade Mountain Range the plants and animals harvested require the right amounts of sun and rain.  Communities are shaped by the very seasons.

But, the things said by the people in the intro paragraphs above claim to carry the same type of meanings when they actually are about income redistribution — sometimes by force.  The Climate Change Conspiracy is very public, and produces no wheat or beef.  It takes money from taxpayers in direct and indirect ways and spends it in foolish ways and on foolish academics, among others, who trumpet the cause across the nation.

What you must learn to be a responsible citizen is that if the climate on Earth stopped changing, it would become a lifeless rock floating in space.  All life was created by climate change, from our atmosphere to our oceans to our richest lands.   Climate change in Africa’s rift valley caused the earliest members of the family of Man to began to wander in search of greener pickings, caused them to develop agriculture to make greener pastures.  Climate change turned the inland sea of Africa into the Sahara Desert, which caused camels to evolve and other land beasts to become whales.

It’s largely driven by tectonic activity.  When all the continents are jammed together, there’s a great inland desert and shallow, swampy seas.  Then they drift apart, changing the oceanic currents in ways that generate ice fields here and lush rain forests there.  Animals and plants appear which have never been seen before in response to the weather patterns.  Cormorants fly or they give up flight.  Furry creatures become monsters with plates for skin, then feathered wings.

I repeat: climate change is the artist that creates new life forms out of old life forms.  It is the plot in the story of life.  Celebrate it as you fight for survival, for it will make your species stronger if you manage to adapt and survive.

And, the Earth is a planet with an eight thousand mile diameter, and twenty miles of atmosphere. Multiply those two quantities together and see why puny Man has little effect on it.  Watch what happens when a big volcano goes off, and compare it to a Carnegie Steel Mill smokestack or the exhaust emission of every car in Los Angeles.   All conservatives believe in clean air for their kids, and want to get it in a way that won’t destroy future jobs for those kids.

And, that brings us back to those people mentioned at the top.  They represent a lie, and create only jobs that destroy economies.  If heeded instead of viewed with suspicion, they will bring the world down, back down, to a collection of fiefdoms and generalized poverty.  Why?  Because there is but one green they worship, and that is money.  The rest of what they say is fantasy.  When the last job on Earth is as a park ranger, you will begin to see, perhaps.

But, I tend to dramatize these things.  The cleanest nations are the economically successful nations.   That is undisputable fact.  Remember that.  And support climate change for a living planet.  That’s right.  Climate change is the only reason our home is one of those.


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