About Us

This publication was originally a printed creation.  However, the inherent desire of readers to connect with personal stories of people, places and ideas of interest to Oregonians and Northwesterners remained long after the printed editions of Oregon Magazine were halted. Those readers remain today. So a couple of people, one of whom contributed to virtually every printed issue, Larry Leonard, and an acquaintance, Bruce Harmon, acquired the rights to it, and Oregon Magazine was reborn in the form of an online magazine, and for essentially the same purpose and goals of the original: to creatively cover the human interests of a people living in a unique environment: wet, mountainous, with rivers, valleys, ocean and technology all intermixed with each other to produce a combination worthy of writing about. Fred Delkin, a University of Washington Husky linebacker in the 1950s, was once Larry Leonard’s boss at an ad agency of merit, and they remained friends despite Larry’s efforts. Art Hyland joined the fray in 2010 as a contributor, coming from a business background, and who Larry saw as a normal influence to a publication staffed, except for Bruce Harman, by outcasts and wanderers.

Oregon Magazine continued its original traditions, but, starting approximately in the year 2002, politics became more and more its focus, because the power of Salem and Washington D.C. had begun to influence a large proportion of the day to day lives of all Oregonians and its neighbors. What was once an independent populace far from the madding crowds of the East Coast or Los Angeles, basking in the serene and majestic vistas so common in Oregon, gradually transformed into a large commune controlled by environmentalists who wanted to work and play as if energy, transportation, food, raw materials, shelter and all the essentials of human living could be made invisible, “sustainable,” or even better, manufactured or produced somewhere else. “Keep Oregon Green,” a slogan that once meant growing, harvesting, milling and re-growing the vast timber forests, morphed into the international Green movement that wishes for all forests to return to their natural state in perpetuity, and believes humans must stop altering the planet except in the smarter, enlightened methods known only to the elites of the Green movement.

Oregon became overrun with highly educated environmental whackos who, with the help of a growing, controlling government bureaucracy replete with its strong unions, has managed to make Oregon into a NW California, which had long ago adopted the mantra of East Coast big government control over the very citizenry who had made it financially and creatively successful. The fact that many Californians had moved to Oregon helped cement the transformation. What used to be called the Californication of the Northwest is now long forgotten in what became a region which can’t seem to get enough of government control, regulation and fiscal excess, along with dependence upon Uncle Sam for its desires. Oregon, like so many states controlled by a liberal establishment, became a ward of the state of Washington D.C., and elected politicians to perpetuate that connection.

Oregon Magazine exists to help defeat (or re-educate if possible) the people that currently govern Oregon, but truly looks forward to the day when all its articles and pieces are about the things we really want to care about: our lives as individuals, free to do what we want to do without the heavy intrusions and restrictions developed the past thirty years by the state, counties and cities in this once great location we still, for now, call Oregon.

As for who we personally are, we’ll try to add the typical OregonMag resume stuff here as things progress enough to think it means anything.  Herewith, Fred Delkin, who wrote this in quick response to a Leonard dismissal of his professional history with the impunity for which Leonard is so practiced:

Fred Delkin

“Fred was sports editor of the Las Vegas Sun, then same position with the Bremerton WA Sun, then Pacific NW sports editor for Associated Press before morphing into creativity w/Sunset Films, then advertising agency wonderland w/Cole & Weber, McCann Erickson, Dawson-Turner-Jenkins, then Coit-Petzold-Delkin before opening The Delkin Company practicing advertising & the deservedly much maligned practice of public relations…there, I feel better already about wandering in the world of cybermania!!” [Ed. note: I seem to recall a rather famous Portland, OR restaurant in Fred’s lively history, but he will have to add that and more himself, along with his time as a lineman for the UW Huskies]

Not to be outdone by Fred,  Leonard responded with this:

Larry Leonard

Larry was born of royal Viking and Irish heritage in a castle high above Portland, Oregon. He taught himself to read at the age of 3 years, then turned to writing in the field of subatomic physics where he corrected Einstein’s second theory of relativity, predicted the discovery of an expanding universe and published the first quadratic equations utilized in Planc’s Constant, which is slivers. Graduating from the University of Emerald City at the age of twelve, he was the resident professor for the Department of Anti-Gallic Philosophy, specializing in courses explaining cowboy philosophy as expressed in early Tom Mix and John Wayne westerns.

His next career began when he was seventeen, and involved the creation of national security technology like the X-1 test aircraft and what is now known as the B-2 Stealth aircraft. Early testing of photographic techniques and lensing from near-space altitudes resulted in the first Playboy centerfold, full scale images of the entire Monarch butterfly migration route and the exact burial location of a famous Chicago union thug and gangster who liked sports.

During his next ten years, he married and divorced 46 times, taught computer code to Bill Gates, ran the 100 yard dash in less than 8 seconds, flew an unpowered glider around the world without landing, created the world’s first atomic-powered hot dog stand, saved humanity from a Martian invasion, carved Mr. Kilimanjaro into a bust of Alfred E. Neuman and translated all of Yogi Berra’s philosophy books into English.

Currently, he is the visiting professor of philosophy at Cambridge University, which is an ancient school located in Ducksplat-on-Avon in the western British highlands recaptured in 1254 from the armies of Ethelbert the Unready. Within a year, a major American publishing house will release his six-edition history about the Socialist dupe Hippie Movement of San Francisco during the 1960’s which led to one of his former future ex-wives joining an Hispanic drug gang in Los Angeles while driving a 1965 Buick convertible along the Sunset Strip bra-less.

Mr. Leonard’s most famous literary work was a cookbook featuring a recipe for “Catfish on a Hot Tin Roof.” The Hollywood film based on this work starred Elizabeth Taylor wearing nothing but a chef’s hat.

The current editor’s, subject to adjustment as time and fiction permit:

Art Hyland

Art went to the same school (a little later) as Fred, not even knowing how hallowed it was because of his history there.  Somehow the Navy granted him a commission which took him to the world of Europe and California, where he landed in the Bay Area and was an Account Manager for an international commercial insurance agency originally owned by Kaiser Industries but merged with Reed, Stenhouse.  The northern California coast was too much of a draw, and so he bought into a small insurance agency, NorCoast Inc. centered in Fort Bragg, Ca (there is another FB), for the express purpose of living the good life and making a decent living.  Within 3 years we had  purchased several agencies in a wide circle including inland on Hwy 101, far from the ocean.  The rural, quiet life dreamed of while in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco was quickly duplicated in the rural, quiet life of the country.  Sold my interest to a new partner and moved back to WA where for no good reason ran for and won the position of County Auditor of Island County (Whidbey and Camano).  8 years was all that was bearable, so resigned that position (everyone said I could have had that position for life–that scared me), and bought into a photo-finishing/electronics store in Friday Harbor, WA with the old, new partner above.  So I was living and working in God’s country, where no man should be allowed to live all year long, as most tourists would say or think (“having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have” –Rush L).  Located to Astoria, for reasons that make one wonder.  Now live across the river in SW Washington where no one lives, and the roads and people are still like the ’50s.

And Bruce may be the smartest of all:

Bruce Harmon

He does not want to let anyone know anything about him.  And we don’t.