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A Lesson about Eggshells

By Art Hyland

It’s starting. Well, it’s been predicted, but what’s beginning is something even America’s low-informed might notice but only when in front of their collective faces. Banks in southern Europe are beginning to restrict access to bank accounts. That this phenomenon will make its way across the pond is becoming rather clear, but only to those who listen carefully.

Our money, the dollar we once knew, is now only virtual. The dollar our country made the standard of the world, has become an X and an O repeated and created trillions of times over each day without anything to back up its value. We’ve been off the gold standard since 1972, and since then the dollar established itself as the fiat currency of the world. Its circulation in glass and copper wires wrapping the world this past decade is so staggering it cannot be counted with confidence anymore. Which means all the kings men and all the kings horses cannot put this eggshell back together again. The combination of a bloated government, Congressional incoherence, and leadership that fantasizes it knows what it’s doing, has put all its eggs in a Bernanke Easter basket of last resort, and its batteries are dying.

I used to think the way to ensure prosperity was to think American at any cost. We have brilliant technology, a military power second to none, a geography separated from the financial and cultural storms of the world, and natural resources here and accessible abroad to fill all our needs. But we also have a government that has decade after decade regressed to where it believes what now makes America strong and powerful is central control at every level of the economy and culture. The freedom established for its citizens, states and businesses by the guaranty of the Constitution is as diluted as the dollars that once measured its successes.  Where it exists, it exists despite our government.

Politicians and bureaucrats, enabled and worshiped by the uninformed, are led by an arrogant, utopian president, who came upon the scene during a perfect storm of government-induced financial excess, crony capitalists eager to take advantage, and a majority electorate educated with economic ignorance.

What to do? I know too many very smart people who are uncharacteristically confused, upset, angry, but confident enough to know that numbers will ultimately rule the day. What will become a messy, unparalleled eggshell of economic broken pieces will ultimately be available to be reconstructed as originally designed: a nation of surviving states united by a truly limited national government.  A Constitution we currently have enshrined behind glass in a museum, lost in the whirlwind of victim and race-baiting DC politics, is the blueprint we must actually follow. Economic chaos appears to be the only condition under which the uninformed will finally learn the truth contained in that document.

The question that is not answered is what will be the world reaction while the United States reconstitutes itself. Will outside forces attempt something drastic or domineering, or will they be so disrupted themselves so as to barely keep their own fires going. It’s going to be a series of Black Tuesdays for the world; those who see beyond the economic crater will belatedly earn the respect of a shattered nation of victims and emerging, independent leaders.

It’s difficult to imagine the details, impossible really. Words and phrases, as above, can’t convey the permutations of misfortunes inherent in a disruption of such magnitude. It will actually be a series of localized disruptions, uncontrolled, uncontrollable, but, like any human activity, ultimately manageable a segment at a time growing into a unified whole once again. Our communications network, contributor as it is to the problem to begin with, can and will be the means of solution.

If there’s one state the American uninformed understand, it’s a benign love of tomorrows, and when the only road leading to them is via leaders who actually know what to do, they will fall into a grateful learning mode where they too contribute to a nation united once again in a work ethic and sense of purpose. And maybe even God will be thanked and exalted as the cause of all the possible here on earth. For it is He that allows us the vision across the crater we’re facing.

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