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A Dickens of a Tale

By Larry Leonard

January 14, 2013, about 9:20 A.M, Pacific Time — It is the worst of times as I await the downpour from the storm clouds reaching from Salem, Oregon to Washington, D.C.  The mouth of the Columbia River is here, and the current mouthpiece of the nation is over there in Foggy Bottom.  The weather rolls from west to east, and the winds of “progressive change” roll from there to here in opposition to natural forces.

He is speaking now as I watch and write this piece.  In truth, he has made progress towards the final destruction by way of Constitutional rights erosion and the financial bankruptcy of this nation.  And, he has given new strength to the culture of liberal arrogance.  Plus, with his tax relief for the communists in Hollywood, he has supported the youth-propaganda brain-twisting evil of that place.  I recall the election campaign complaints about offshore money of the Republican rich.  Hollywood of late has been producing movies in Canada to maximize profits by avoiding having to share the tax burden — which now, except for Texas and some other locations of sanity in the nation, is a hovering cold front from sea to shining sea.  (He just gave Tinsel Town another exemption.)

They order me to spend it. I am required by the Constitution to pay these bills.  Congress must raise the debt ceiling or give me the power to do it so I can pay for those items of spending they have already authorized.

He just said that.  He mentioned the Founders. (To say “Founding Fathers” is no longer politically correct in his national part-feminazi collectivist culture — which is odd, considering his newly proposed White House cabinet, which contains no skirts.  God, what hypocrisy. It smacks of Al Gore selling out to Big Arab Oil.)

The Road to Hell

It is all so reminiscent of Lenin, Hitler and Mao.  The arrogance of it stinks of Nero and Caligula.  All wrapped in the language of fairness, sharing, justice and compromise.   The smile of the Hollywood villain as he puts on his surgical gloves and moves in to begin the torture.  Obama is not working in his natural profession.  He was born for used car sales.   His deficits supported by his congress until the mid-terms gave the House back to sane people, have been the largest in American history.  Larger than all the deficits by all the presidents and congresses combined.

He is saying there are sensible steps on gun control available, now.  (Make gun manufacturers financially responsible for the criminal use of their products is one of the ideas.) He is like a man walking through a minefield.  His speech is very, very careful, coming out a cautiously selected single word at a time.  You’ve heard it.  Flowing, confident speech, and then hesitant, careful speech.  Bullies are cowards.  First, they protect themselves.  He is afraid of this 2nd Amendment item.

Back to the Financial Future

He says “we” have already made $1.2 trillion in cuts.  That is a lie.  Record deficits grow out of increased spending.  What he is calling “cuts” are decreases in budget increases.  Honest to God.  That is where this nation is, these days.  Compromise to a liberal is a reduction in the amount of additional spending.

Well, a majority of Americans raped their own country in the last election.  Oregon did the same thing internally.  The majority of you got what you wished for. May you bathe happily in what is coming.

My single remaining hope is that the literally outnumbered conservatives in congress, the Jean Valjeans, eternally hounded by the thought-police, finally in the U.S. House of Representatives make a memorable show of guts in the coming fight.  The people of Germany in the end elected Hitler, which led to the destruction of their nation.  Catholics fought beside Castro in Cuba, then found their religion outlawed and had to swim to Florida hanging on to empty fruit shipping containers.

What I’m looking at on the screen has happened and is happening and will continue to happen because people equally wrong have created it here with their votes in the name of this false liberal compassion, fairness, equality and justice.

Vive l’ France. Stupidity reigns. Alice in Wonderland. A tyrant is in charge of your freedoms. Uriah Heep is in charge of the national books.


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