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A Deteriorating Climate?

By Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D. Al Gore with Fire Breath

With claims of Catastrophic AnthropogenicGlobal Warming growing more desperate by the day, we are supposed to believe that our planet is in dire peril.  In fact, the paradigm is in dire peril and that means that the Great Green Money Machine is also in peril.

Even the worst of the climate fanatics cannot miss the stark evidence: no net global warming for seventeen years (something none of their climate models predicted), Northwest cooling for 25 years, few Atlantic hurricanes, no acidic oceans anywhere, near record winter snowfall across the Northern Hemisphere, above normal global sea ice, record Antarctic sea ice, record salmon runs, record crab harvests, record clam harvests, and probably record grape and apple harvests in the Northwest this year.  Reports of the death of this planet are complete nonsense!

What will ‘Big Climate’ do?  They have counted on ever increasing gifts from the taxpayer (now totaling more than $100 BILLION dollars for ‘research’ alone), to countless billions more in tax credits and subsidies for solving a problem that does not exist, to countless billions more from billionaires and their foundations to persuade a reluctant public to disregard common sense and convert to Climatism.

The perfect storm, designed by politicians as a vehicle for societal ‘reforms’ that they had no chance of implementing without a crisis, has visited havoc on American industry, education, science, government, and the environment without being able to take credit for any improvement in the weather!  Such stupidity is only possible when those who would normally audit them are sidelined as “Deniers.”  Didn’t we learn anything from the Enron and Madoff scams where the perpetrators were easily able to neutralize auditors?

The ignorance leading to the downfall of the paradigm has been twofold .  Those claiming to be “climate scientists” never learned that science is far from an exercise in political consensus and authority.  They also never learned thatour climate naturally varies far from norms, because we live on a planet with vast oceans and atmosphere that are never in equilibrium.  Hence, our climate is cyclicalover periods of months to decades and beyond.  Correlating the warming observed after the Great Pacific Climate Shift of 1977 with “Global Warming” from increasing atmospheric CO2 was wrong, because the 1977 event was clearly a Pacific Ocean effect.  And that warming did not continue after 1998, because the Pacific Ocean began to change backto its earlier configuration.

Collateral damage from the paradigm is most acute in science.  An entire generation of scientists now believes that science is similar to other human activities that are easily corrupted.  For fame and fortune, all that is necessary is to play along with the scam.  But it is a pact with the devil that will eventually bring them down.

What about science itself?  Will it survive this assault?  Now that scientists have discovered how to earn a good living by stretching and distorting the truth into invented “crises” that shift vast resources their way, will we ever recover the “utter honesty” so essential for science?  It was just a generation ago that Nobel Laureate in Physics Richard Feynman stressed “utter honesty.”  How manyscientists today believe that they are “trying to understand the mind of God,” as Albert Einstein did?  The only God they worship today is the God of Green or Greenbacks.

We should not forget that science owes its existence to a subtle but profound shiftin the study of the natural world away from political and religious dogma toward objectivity.  When Galileo attempted such a shift in the early 1600s, by suggesting that there were more than seven wanderers in the sky from which we get the seven days of the week, he was alone and did not prevail.  The Catholic Church vigorously fought all heretical thoughts. Barely a half century later, Puritans recognized that they could best honor God by understanding his works, separately from church doctrine.  To stress the need for objectivity, the first scientific society formed by these evangelical Christians, the British Royal Society, adopted the motto, “Take nobody’s word for it.”  It was “an expression of the determination of the Fellows to withstand the domination of authority and to verify all statements by an appeal to facts determined by experiment.”  More than two centuries later, European Jews had a similar awakening to the advantages of objective scholarship.  And humanity benefited enormously from the many great Jewish physicists of the 20thcentury.

Today, we find science at a crossroads, with an illustrious past but an uncertain future.  Few defend “utter honesty,” because they prefer “utter job security.”  Although more ‘scientists’ are alive today than ever before, those telling Tall Tales demanded by their political masters are not practicing real science.

th-2         Nowhere is this trend more troubling than in Oregon.  Ignorant Democratic Party politicians from Senator Merkley to Governor Kitzhaber regularly preach the climate gospel, and fanatical professors like Phil Mote at Oregon State University and Jim Diamond at Linfield College support them with pseudo-science.

One has to wonder if the 400 year old “Age of Enlightenment” is winding down toward another “Dark Age.”  All it takes is a subtle shift away from objectivity.  Those committed to science must lead us back from the darkness.

The deterioration in our intellectual climate must be reversed.

[Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D. lives in Corbett, Oregon and can be reached at gordonfulks@hotmail.com. He holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago, Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space.

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