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Israel: The Palestinian People’s Greatest Ally

Benjamin Netanyahu

By J. Matt Barber

Israel is not tame.

But she is good.

If a poacher shoots arrows at a pride of sleeping lions, are the lions to blame for rousing and defending themselves?

What does one say of the shooter when he intentionally cowers behind the skirts of his own women

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The Shrill is Gone


By Luke Hamilton It is never too early to start planning the completion of a communist coup. We are only midway through Dear Leader’s second term, but the Demokrat primary for the 2016 Presidential election is beginning to take shape. It almost seems as if the party has already abdicated this year’s mid-term election

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I Don’t Want to Write about Barack Anymore . . .


By Luke Hamilton

I am sick to death of writing about Barack the Destroyer. Ever since that cold November day in 2008, when a chill settled into the heart of every American patriot, we have been fighting. Fighting with written word. Fighting with deeds. Fighting with shaky camera footage. Fighting with Town Halls. Fighting with

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What if we got a Flat Tax?

flat tax

By Larry Leonard

House slashes IRS tax enforcement budget…

July 2014 — There is nothing complicated about liberals. All their machinations are complex in the extreme, but their underlying premises are simple: control of your life and property. They want all your money, and want to use it to buy votes.

Some information floating around

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No Heat Wave Way Down Under

By Larry Leonard

Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded…

July 13, 2014 – The climate mystery to me is that so many in the sciences seem to have bought into the man-caused rising global temperature idea. Not that changes in overall climate do not occur. Rather, it’s the part of it where humans are blamed that

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Left Moves to Outlaw Christianity


By J. Matt Barber

The mask is off. All pretense has been dropped, and the anti-Christian left’s boundless depth of hatred for individual liberty, our First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is now on full display.

I wrote last week about the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby opinion,

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I know how he feels

Elephant now free

By Larry Leonard

Elephant Cries When Freed From Chains Worn for 50 Years…

July 9, 2014 — I was 20. It was 1962. The civil rights movement was heating up. It seemed a good time in America, but what I did not know about was the pent-up hatred by the unsuccessful in America. They

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Right … Sort of


By J. Matt Barber

While reams have already been penned examining the implications of last week’s Hobby Lobby decision, most of what’s been written, particularly in the liberal press, has missed the point entirely.

Though I’m mildly pleased that the Supreme Court is not quite ready to take gasoline to both the First

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Obama the Transparent …

John Wayne

By Larry Leonard FEDS THREATEN JOURNALIST WITH PRISON… July 4, 2014 — Take a liar and stuff him in a frog suit. Put him on national taxpayer funded television without a teleprompter. What have you got? The POTUS !!! On the Fourth of July, too.You recall, I assume, the Godlike being who golfs on

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Water, Water Everywhere, but …

Texas jobs

By Larry Leonard

Thousands go without water as Detroit cuts service for overdue accounts…

June 30, 2014 — You see it everywhere, these days. Socialist greenies who call themselves environmentalists when they are actually just junk scientists hustling for power over every aspect of your life, including your income. Record cold winters are blamed on

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