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Snapshots in Time

Oregon morning

by Larry Leonard

February 28, 2014 – – Rudyard Kipling in Captain’s Courageous described one boy’s youth during one period of time as a misguided exercise in the misuse of power. I don’t recall the name of the man who told me that a life is a journey on a railroad train that

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The North Star of Hollywood

Stalin et al copy

By Larry Leonard

February 21, 2014 — In the early 1940’s, Sam Goldwyn made a movie starring John Huston, Dana Andrews and Anne Baxter. (It was released in ’43.) The story began in a happy Stalinist agricultural commune in the Ukraine. There was nothing but plenty in this place. The girls all had

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Sex-Obsessed Lefty Horrified by ‘Toxic Purity Culture’

By J. Matt Barber

Hey, gals, want to avoid being raped? Put away that Lady Smith 38. No need for pepper spray. Self-defense classes? Not necessary. The solution is simple. The best defense against rape is to just cast away your “deeply troubling” Christianity and become a secularist slut.

Sex-Obsessed Lefty Horrified by ‘Toxic Purity Culture’

Not to Impeach is Racist

Lady Justice

by Art Hyland

If there is one thread that weaves throughout the conservative landscape it is this: if Barack Hussein Obama were a Republican, impeachment proceedings would have been seriously considered long ago, and the general mass media would have been providing the grist for it.

Here’s the argument that

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