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Liars as Leaders

Obama you can keep it

by Art Hyland

Obama: “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it.”

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Hillary: “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had NOTHING to do with…”

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The media

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Liberals Feel Crush of Obamacare


By Matt Barber

“Disaster,” “embarrassment,” “humiliating” and “train wreck” are just a few of the colorful terms being used to describe it. The Obama administration’s incompetent half-billion-dollar rollout of its incompetent multi-trillion-dollar signature achievement is but a tragic metaphor for this man’s entire presidency. (It’s not hyperbole when it’s true.) Nearly three weeks

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Cornpone C. Kegger Society Flares Up

Mail Attachment

Where Art and Life meet look up and you will see a video billboard for teeth whitener strips.

October 16, 2013 — Symbolism erupted this morning ‘neath the buy-partisan doma of the American Congress. It is at times impossible to ignore the flow of bizarre irony (skunk cabbage-scented effluent) from the place. I am referring

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Let’s balance the Budget


by ‘Barack Obama’

As many of you know, the federal budget is said to be out of control. I said this back when I was a senator from the great city of Chicago and state of Illinois, where I learned how governments can actually run properly. But what I meant wasn’t what you might think.

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Reductio ad absurdum at Reuters

Reuters logo copy

By Matt Barber

[Reuters’] survey “asks employees to choose from male, female, transgender, genderqueer/androgynous, intersex, transsexual, FTM (female-to-male), MTF (male-to-female), and prefer not to say.”

File this under, “Oh, for crying out loud.”

There was a time when planning a family was a relatively straightforward process. A young wife might

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Titanic Verbal Blunder Exposes American Liberalism


Harry Reid as a one-man death panel:


October 2, 2013 — “It’s for the children.” For decades it has been their mantra. No matter the screwy, illogical alteration to sound traditional government practice. In their decades of introduction of new age social theory, all their

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It’s the Law, and That’s the End of That, Right?

By Larry Leonard

Widespread glitches plague Obamacare launch… 19% of healthcare pros say Americans ‘will die earlier’… NBC Launches Week of Programming to Boost Obamacare… Number of Americans giving up citizenship soars… There’s an ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” It had to do with the building of the Great Wall

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Perfect Pac12 Picks, PSU Falters

Pigskin Pete By Fred Delkin We were perfection on our Pac12 calls last week, with the only besmirch on our crystal ball done by Portland State. This week, Oregon State, Arizona and Southern Cal take byes. Washington at Stanford is the headliner. Here’s our rendition of expected weekend results: Washington @ Stanford–the Dawgs served

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World Wine Atlas Turns 42 With Finest Edition to Date


Decanting with Delkin

By Fred Delkin

In 1971, The World Atlas of Wine made its debut. Now, 42 years later, it has been published, not only as the most honored compendium of the wine world in history, the new edition covers the full global wine scene

with words and graphics that set

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