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Democrat Fleeces Taxpayers With
Tax-Funded Election Flyer

Oregon flag

by Jim Welsh Thursday, September 27, 2012 (Editor’s note: Jim Welsh, who wrote WE are Building it, Mr. President, is running for state representative in a remote district on the coast of northwest Oregon. It’s a pure grassroots campaign, with lots of personal contact. He writes a column in MooCountyNews from which this is excerpted. Recently he noticed the first election flyer mailed by his incumbent opponent. But he also noticed something else.) “That election flyer wasn’t really an election flyer. No, it was just a “routine” official newsletter from the Office of Oregon State Representative Deborah (“Deb”) Boone that was just coincidentally mailed out six weeks before your ballots arrive to your mail box.

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Tax-Funded Election Flyer

Pigskin Pete: Pac12 Stays Unpredictable With Exception of Webfoots

football on tee

By Fred Delkin

Now it seems there’s but one team a favorite to take home the Pac12 title and a possible national championship contender. Here we are, four games into the 2012 season and only Oregon has lived up to expectations and Pigskin is lobbying for a new crystal ball after only breaking

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How Likely are Impossible Odds?

solar eclipse

By Larry Leonard

A piece of the debris almost as large as the Earth slams into what in ten billion years will be California. It has been shaking ever since.

9/24/2012 — Looking back from our viewpoint, we have progressed as a species to the point that we have

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Surviving the humanist hurricane

Truth vs Lies sign

By Matt Barber

The upcoming elections aren’t about Republican vs. Democrat; conservative vs. liberal; Romney vs. Obama. Not entirely, at least. They’re much bigger than all that.

November signifies nothing new. It’s a microcosm of a much greater struggle – one that predates mankind. These elections are about truth vs.

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November 7 Executive Order

Arianna Huffington

By Larry Leonard

November 7, 2012 — Jesse Jackson and Arianna Huffington, objecting to last night’s election results, blocked the front door of the White House with a cadre of Black Panthers whose military uniforms displayed a shoulder patch similar to the flag carried by the Islamic hordes during the Middle Ages.

“This election was

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Blasphemy Begets Conspiracy Theory

Desert Sand w camel

By Art Hyland

First there was the concept that an obscure video “Innocence of Muslims,” still published daily on Google’s YouTube (Update: they took it down – – surprise), was supposed to have incited the Mideast riots in Cairo and other cities that led to the death of an American ambassador

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Pigskin Pete: Now We Have True Pac12 Title Tussle

football on tee

By Fred Delkin

Stanford underscored the 2012 Pac12 redistribution of power with its 21-14 defeat of USC. The Cardinal served notice with its whipping of the nation’s no. 2-ranked team that the Cardinal is a title threat. UCLA and Arizona are undefeated surprises to date, joining Oregon at 3-0. Standings will definitely alter

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Big Brother to the Muslims’ Rescue

Googe map of Muslim riots

by Art Hyland

If you queried all Americans right now, most of whom have access in their pockets to the internet virtually 24 hours per day, I would bet the kingdom that less than 2% have seen or even know anything specific about the video/film that is supposed to have touched

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Barley’s Angels Stage Educational Beer Bust

Rogue Hop drink

Decanting with Delkin

By Fred Delkin

We were fortunate to be invited to a seminar recently that surpassed most in our checkered career. Barley’s Angels were the hostesses, and near Independence, OR was the site. The Angels are a group founded last year in Portland to advance the cause of craft beer consumption

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The Sleeping Dragon


By Larry Leonard

September 12, 2012 — As he was steaming away from the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese admiral, Yamamoto, surrounded by delighted naval officers celebrating their victory, according to sources from news journals to television documentaries to Hollywood script writers, said words to this effect, “I have traveled

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Oregon Coast Offers Unique Historic Tour

P-51 Mustang

By Fred Delkin

Motorists traveling U.S. 101 can scarcely ignore an unusual sight just south of Tillamook, a huge curved structure standing in pastureland with a faded “Air Museum” painted on the exterior. We, like an expected majority of travelers, don’t pull off the highway to investigate. Finally, we did a few weeks

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This year there is no Fall

Fall sillouette

By Art Hyland

It feels like Fall. It looks like Fall. You know, that crisp morning air that fills our lungs and eyes.; the Falls we used to have, the little children lining up for school, the football games, the sense of a year ending, a new one around the corner.

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Pigskin Pete: Grudge Match Opens Pac12 Football Season

Pac 12 logo

By Fred Delkin

Pete played a starring role in last week’s performance of Forecasting Follies, with upsets littering the landscape, topped by an Oregon State revival versus Wisconsin. New Pac12 coaching regimes created unexpected surprises in Arizona and L.A. This week the conference season opens with private school members staging what should be

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The Godless Democrats

government building

By Matt Barber

But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:33)

Are you a believer? I’m not asking if you’re a Democrat, a Republican or an independent. I’m asking if you believe in God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God

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Eight Thousand when he took office and Thirteen Thousand, today

Dow Jones chart

Wall St hits four-year high…

Is the DOW an economic indicator?

September 8, 2012 — The answer is no when the question is the present national economy. For example, in October of 1929, Wall St. crashed and the Roaring Twenties came to a close with bankers in top hats bailing themselves

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