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Into the Sea

Air France crash site

By Bill Whittle

Why did a fully-loaded European commercial A-300 jetliner crash into the Atlantic? And why is the Euro in a death spiral as well? Bill Whittle chillingly compares these two stories.

This is a revealing, sobering description of how and why an Air France A-330 crashed into the ocean

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Divorcing Lady Liberty

cruise ship

By Kathryn Hickok

Numerous recent news stories have reported on high-net-worth Americans renouncing their U.S. citizenship to protect assets from high tax rates. Last Friday, a Wall Street Journal editorial suggested the U.S. government should not seek to “punish” ex-citizens through high “exit taxes.” Instead, Congress should work “to make the U.S. so appealing and

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Wisconsin Voter Fraud Has Already Happened

Register to Vote uncle sam

By Art Hyland

Although the Wisconsin recall election is about to be held, by election day (June 5) voter fraud will have taken place well before the votes are counted. It’s being done via the lax voter registration process. In most states, a voter must have registered several weeks to a month prior

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CERN Discovers Janus Boson


By Larry Leonard

May 14, 2012 — It is a circle, a great metal tube in Europe. It sends charged particles whirling in opposite directions at speeds that approach the velocity of light, then in a big “X” intersection cross them into each other’s path, and …. bang !!!!


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Pigskin Pete: Ducks Remain Favorites To Earn Another Title


By Fred Delkin

Spring drills are over for Pac12 football title aspirants and we’ve seen or read nothing to dim the Oregon Ducks hopes for a fourth straight championship. Both talent and schedule are Webfoot assets. Yes, 2011 QB star Darron Thomas left early for a shot in the NFL and

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The Bloodsucker Economy

$1549000 Bethesda house sustainable

By Art Hyland

Pictured nearby is a single family house for sale. Although squeezed into a narrow, level lot, nevertheless, its “sustainable design and construction will save thousands in utility costs every year.” It better, because the going market price of this beauty–while it lasts–is over $1,500,000. And it’s only ten short

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Taste of Hawaii Opens In Downtown Portland: Island Mana Wines

Guava Hou wine

By Fred Delkin

An imaginative wine entrepreneur has established a taste of Hawaii just a block from Portland’s Pioneer Square. Mark Proden served in our Air Force as pilot and engineer for 11 years before launching a new career based upon the fermented grape. While studying at Salem’s Northwest Viticulture Center, Proden apprenticed

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Northwest Looms Large In Coast Guard Annals

CG Cutter in Astoria

By Fred Delkin

Semper Paratus, or Always Ready is Our motto (Our Fame and Glory too…)

The opening lines of the U.S. Coast Guard anthem describe an attitude particularly applicable to the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest. USCG shore and air bases in Oregon, Washington and Alaska constantly launch search and rescue

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